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CLASSIFIED LINE ADS: Complete the form below or email class@wcmessenger.com


$20 for 20 words or less ($1 per word over 20 words)

Ad runs in the Thursday paper

Deadlines: Noon on Tuesday

Special Offers

5-Week Service Special: Place an ad of 20 words or less for 4 weeks in the Business Services classification for $82. Receive a bold heading and the 5th week FREE!

4-Week For Sale Special: Place an ad of 20 words or less for 2 weeks in any For Sale classification for $42 and receive a bold heading and extra 2 weeks FREE!

Classified Advertising Policy

All ads must be pre-paid. You will receive cost and payment instructions via e-mail after ad is submitted.

Legal Notices

Email legal notices to legals@wcmessenger.com.

75 cents per word each time the notice runs.

Deadlines: 10 a.m. on Tuesday

DISPLAY ADVERTISING: Email ads@wcmessenger.com and our staff will be glad to help you.

Error Responsibility

Customers are asked to check their ad immediately after it appears in the newspaper and report at once any error found. Claims for adjustment should be made at that time. The Wise County Messenger is responsible for an incorrect ad only the first time it runs, so check your ad carefully.