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Common causes of fish kills in your pond or lake


Well the first question everyone has when they notice fish floating in their tank and washed up along the bank is: what the heck killed my fish?  At least that what I said! Yep last summer! Ok so let’s explore the causes and hopefully prevention of our fish dying.  The most common causes of fish kills are oxygen depletion, algal blooms […]

The scoop on blue-green algae

I have received many calls here lately about the blue-green algae scare. What is growing in my ponds? What can I do about it? And is it toxic to my dogs, cows, and kids? Hopefully this article will answer most of your questions about the subject and put your mind at rest.  Blue-green algae are also called cyanobacteria because they […]

Pay attention when it comes to managing your pastures 

A good many farmers are using soil conservation practices, like no-till farming, cover crops and extended crop rotations to improve soil health on cropland. Our livestock producers can adopt these same practices that are traditionally meant for forage improvement to feed microorganisms and add organic matter to the soil.  Practices like rotational grazing; over seeding and forage harvest management help […]

Grasshoppers galore in 2024

 Well I’m going to use the G-word today, so get ready: Yes, grasshoppers! They’re back. They have arrived a little early this year. I looked at several pastures this week and there are millions of little ones hopping around. So take a look in your pastures, hayfields, lawns and gardens and prepare to start battling them so we can get […]

Leave deer fawns alone

Spring brings many new fawns to Wise County. It also brings an increase in the number of people mistakenly intervening or calling authorities. Wise County Game Warden Casey Pentecost has some simple advice if you encounter a fawn that has been dropped by their mother: Leave them alone. “Deer have survived for thousands of years without human intervention. The mother […]

UTGCD to fund local rainwater harvesting projects

Three local entities are about to take advantage of the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (UTGCD) rainwater harvesting grant program. UTGCD recently announced Slidell ISD, the City of Paradise and the City of New Fairview as finalists for the grant. The funds provided by UTGCD help aid the entities in their respective projects that focus on capturing rainwater for municipal, […]

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