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About the Wise County Messenger

Established in 1880, the Wise County Messenger is one of Wise County’s oldest business institutions and its largest newspaper. The Messenger operated in different locations in the county early in its existence, has been published in Decatur, Texas since 1885. Roy and Jeannine Eaton have owned the Messenger since 1973. Roy is a past president of Texas Press Association and the National Newspaper Association. The Messenger is recognized as one of the best semi-weekly newspapers in Texas and has earned the coveted “Sweepstakes” award for 12 of the last 14 years from the Texas Press Association’s “Better Newspaper Contest.”

The Messenger office located at 115 South Trinity in Decatur, Texas and is published twice a week on Wednesday and Friday with a paid circulation total of more than 3,900.

In addition to the twice weekly issues, Wise County Messenger Update is a news sheet published and distributed Monday through Friday with a countywide circulation of 2,000 each day. Update contains the latest capsulized local news and is also posted daily on www.wcmessenger.com. The Wise County Messenger website features a variety of advertising opportunities plus local news, breaking news and photos.

Now operating in its 141st year of publication, the Messenger management and staff are committed to quality journalism and community service. We deliver local news and advertising in the most efficient and professional manner possible. We offer our professional expertise to help your business grow and prosper and welcome your comments on our performance.

Meet the staff of the Wise County Messenger:

  • Roy J. Eaton
  • Kristi Bennett
    General Manager
  • Richard Greene
  • Brian Knox
    Special Projects Manager
  • Austin Jackson
  • Micah McCartney
    Sports Editor
  • Lauren Salois
  • Mack Thweatt
  • Lori White
    Advertising Manager
  • Laura Belcher
    Advertising Sales
  • Jenifer Kozlowski
    Advertising Sales
  • Sandy Crump
    Advertising Sales
  • Donna Bean
  • Hannah King
    Graphic Artist
  • Jim Bob Hampton
    Subscriber Services
  • David Sherman
    Subscriber Services
  • Tony Grimes
    Subscriber Services
  • Bill Bowyer
    Subscriber Services