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Complainant reported there is a tear or cut in their pool liner and believe it was done by the neighbor they are having a civil dispute with over payment for a waster dumpster. No one observed the alleged incident.


ROSS LANE — Caller stated a trailer was abandoned in front of a well lease site. Deputy located the VIN which turned out to be reported stolen out of Parker County. Deputy recovered the trailer and had it transported to the sheriff’s office impound.

COUNTY ROAD 1550 — The complainant from a previous stolen car report located his vehicle. It was recovered and returned to the complainant.

SHERIFF’S OFFICE — A woman advised her truck was stolen from a friend’s house.

FARM ROAD 1810 — Deputies conducted a traffic stop and discovered the sole occupant of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant out of Wise County. The occupant was placed into custody and transported to Wise County Jail.

TEXAS 101 — Caller advised they were scammed out of money and would like to pursue criminal action.

MESQUITE POINT — Caller advised she found property inside of her residence that belonged to her neighbor.

FARM ROAD 2264 — A woman advised someone was following her home from work and wanted to report the offense.

ROADSIDE PARK ON TEXAS 114 — Deputies checked on a man sleeping in a vehicle. The man was determined to have a warrant out of Weatherford Police Department and was arrested.

MARSHALL ROAD — A man stated a known person stole his vehicle and was heading to Chico. Complainant wished to pursue charges against the suspect, and the vehicle was listed as stolen.

COUNTY ROAD 1651 — Complainant stated Sept. 13 she came out to find two flat tires. There has been a ongoing issue with a known man slashing all of the family’s tires.


FARM ROAD 51 — During a traffic stop, Wise County dispatch advised both occupants of the vehicle had active warrants. Both were placed into custody and transported to Wise County Jail without incident.

ILLINOIS STREET — Complainant stated an unknown man in a red Toyota Corolla purchased $1,300 in liquor with stolen credit cards. Review of surveillance video showed the man manually enter card numbers into the system for two separate transactions along with a phone call received at the store arguing the purchase an hour later.

SOUTH FARM ROAD 51 — A person rented a scissor lift for one day. The person returned the lift after three days. The business charged the customer for the additional day, and the customer disputed the charges.

FARM ROAD 920 IN BRIDGEPORT — An abandoned vehicle that had exceeded the 48-hour warning was towed to the Wise County impound lot.

PRIVATE ROAD 4433 — Homeowners returned home and found a person in the home and removing items. The person had no authority to enter the home or remove any items. The person was arrested.

WISE HEALTH SYSTEM — Caller stated that she had made a incident report about an assault Sept. 12. The victim was at the ER with injuries sustained from the assault. Deputy collected proper paperwork and photographs.


U.S. 81/287 — Complainant advised a man passed a fake purchasing card to a cashier, who did not scan it, and turned on a diesel pump. The man stole approximately 200 gallons of diesel and drove off.

SHADY OAKS LANE — A woman advised she wanted a criminal trespass warning issued to her ex-tenant due to him returning to the property.

FARM ROAD 407 — Deputy conducted a traffic stop, observed multiple signs of deception and asked for consent to search the vehicle, which was denied. K-9 alerted on the vehicle and deputy conducted a search, which yielded multiple Ziploc bags full of pills. A woman was placed in custody and transported to the Wise County Jail for booking without incident.

PRIVATE ROAD 4861 — Deputies responded to the address for a report of a burglary. Upon arrival it was discovered that no one lived in the home, and significant damages were observed to the garage door and both the front and back doors. The homeowner arrived and advised deputies of items missing from the home and garage.

FARM ROAD 718 — Deputies responded to assist another unit after a hit-and-run occurred during a traffic stop. Deputies located the driver of the vehicle and determined that he was heavily intoxicated. DPS made scene, conducted field sobriety tests and arrested the person.

SHADY OAKS DRIVE — A man arrived in the area of this address to retrieve his property. Complainant called complaining that the man was on her property and has an active criminal trespass warning. The man was found to not have been on complainant’s property but did have an active warrant out of the Wise County Sheriff’s Office for driving while license invalid. The man was arrested.

CENTRAL — Deputy conducted a traffic violation stop on a vehicle. While deputy was conducting a consent search of the vehicle an intoxicated driver struck the vehicle while deputy was inside searching. Deputy observed the vehicle flee the scene. Deputy left the traffic stop in pursuit of the vehicle. Deputy observed the person exit his vehicle and flee into his residence leaving the front door open. Deputies entered the residence, and the person was detained. DPS was contacted and took over the investigation, and the person was arrested.


WISE HEALTH SYSTEM — Complainant advised she was assaulted at a party earlier in the night. Deputy arrived at the hospital and observed the woman’s eye was swollen shut. Deputy collected photos of the woman. Deputy collected witness statements and a prosecution affidavit.

COUNTY ROAD 3791 — Ex-husband arrived at the property uninvited and initially refused to leave. The woman repeatedly asked the man to leave, which he finally did prior to deputies’ arrival.

COYOTE TRAIL — Deputies contacted the complainant who stated his brother was intoxicated and acting in a threatening manner to the family. Complainant also stated his brother had threatened him with bodily injury and thrown a glass at him. The suspect was arrested for assault by threat.

PEEL ROAD — Deputies were dispatched to the address in reference to a disturbance. Both the man and woman involved called 911. Parties gave dispatch and deputies inconsistent recollections about what had happened. Deputies determined that no offense could be determined and the parties were separated for the night.

NO ADDRESS GIVEN — A woman stated to dispatch that her husband had assaulted her and fled the scene in his truck and she believed he was intoxicated. The man was located at a nearby friend’s house where he has been living for the last two weeks as the couple begins the divorce process. Both parties gave conflicting stories. Complainant had a minor cut on her arm that was caused by her husband throwing a glass dish into the sink. It is not known how the complainant got the injury. A family violence packet was completed, but no arrest was made due to the parties being separated and the lack of evidence. The man declined to cooperate and complete a statement.

CR 3791 — Complainant advised dispatch that two men were fighting. Complainant stated one person possibly had a gun and there were three shots fired. The man fled the scene before deputies arrived. It was determined that the suspect and his brother got into a fight that began outside on the porch and then moved into the house. During the investigation it was found that the gun shots heard possibly came from a nearby property as the weapons located on the scene were neatly placed on a window sill inside secured holsters and no bullet holes could be found. The victim of the assault was assisted in completing a family violence packet.

FARM ROAD 920 — A man wished to make a report about his cousin calling and messaging him after he has specifically told him not to contact him anymore. Further the property owner and her tenants do not want the man on the property any longer.

AURORA VISTA — Complainant reported a seismic transponder was missing and was able to plug the coordinates of the transponder to the residence. Contact was made with the homeowner who stated he located the transponder on his property when he was mowing his yard and handed it over to the water department, who stated they will put the transponder in the well house. The water company gave the transponder back to the homeowner the next day, and he placed it in his garage. The transponder was given back to the complainant.

WISE COUNTY AREA — A man advised his vehicle was taken by an unknown person while he was in jail. Complainant provided proof of title and wished to prosecute.

TEXAS 199 — A stolen vehicle was located in the area. Individuals were observed getting into the vehicle and driving off. A traffic stop was initiated, resulting in the operator being taken to jail.

FARM ROAD 51 — A woman advised she was thrown out of a vehicle by her ex-boyfriend going down the highway. Complainant only had a minor scrape to the knee. The man was no longer on scene.


PRIVATE ROAD 2366 — A woman stated her three vehicles were stolen within the last week. During the investigation it was determined the complainant did not have proof of ownership. Vehicles were found down the road at a salvage yard and consent was granted to document the vehicles and their current conditions. Complainant was informed to provide proof of ownership and an offense report could be completed.

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