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A woman advised she is going through a divorce with her wife, and the wife was currently destroying furniture in the residence while the complainant was on her way home. Deputy arrived on scene and complainant advised no furniture was damaged. Both parties were advised they are still technically married and everything was communal property at this point. The altercation was never physical. Parties were separated.


FARM ROAD 718 — Deputy observed a late model Dodge Ram driving east with no vehicle lights on. A traffic stop was initiated, resulting in the driver evading from the emergency light and sirens. The vehicle was pursued into Tarrant County, where it wrecked. A juvenile driver was placed in custody and charged accordingly.

COUNTY ROAD 3620 — Deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a dirt bike. The dirt bike operator saw the deputy turn around, accelerated rapidly, pulled into a residence and fled on foot. Suspect abandoned his suspected stolen dirt bike. Deputy was unable to locate the suspect. While on scene, deputy located multiple other stolen items which were towed.

FARM ROAD 718 — A vehicle was stopped for expired registration. The driver had active warrants out of Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office and was arrested.

COUNTY ROAD 3225 — A known wanted person was observed sitting in front of his camper. Warrant was confirmed and the man was placed in custody.

SOUTH MILLER STREET — Complainant from a previously closed theft case, in which charges were declined, now wanted to pursue charges due to the suspect failing to reimburse the complainant, per their agreement.

PRIVATE ROAD 4652 — Caller was arguing with another man who was there to get items belonging to the caller’s ex-girlfriend. The man left, and no offense was found.

NORTH FARM ROAD 51 — A call was received about a reckless driver near Farm Road 51 and Farm Road 455 in Wise County, where a man blocked FM 51 and fired his pistol at the fleeing victim. Cooke County deputies were able to stop the suspect vehicle near Gainesville and requested WCSO to make scene. Due to conflicting stories from all parties involved and lack of witnesses or evidence, charges were held pending gun shot residue results, and all parties were released from the scene.


PRAIRIE TRAIL — A man was reportedly attempting to fight multiple people. It was determined the man slightly damaged property belonging to another party. To prevent further disturbances, the man was taken into custody.

FARM ROAD 1810 — A person left their residence around 6 or 7 p.m. yesterday and returned this morning at 8 to find tools at the residence stolen.

BOYD HIGH SCHOOL — Deputy was informed that a man had active warrants for his arrest. Deputy arrived at the school and placed the man under arrest.

COUNTY ROAD 3791 — Caller stated there is an abandoned vehicle located at the address. Deputies located the vehicle, and were unable to make contact with the owner. Vehicle was towed and stored at WCSO impound.

PRIVATE ROAD 3829 — A woman stated that she had made an order for a shelving unit through Amazon and had not received the order. She stated that FedEx confirmed the delivery was made and the products were signed for. Identity of the signer is unknown.


FARM ROAD 1810 — Sheriff’s office received several calls on a possible intoxicated man walking in the roadway on Farm Road 1810 eastbound. Deputies located the man and made contact. As deputies spoke to the man, a strong odor of intoxicants were smelled coming from him. He could not give an address or phone number of where he lives. He is on probation for criminal mischief and does not have a valid driver’s license. The man admitted to drinking and drug use, resulting in deputies placing the man into custody for public intoxication.

PRIVATE ROAD 4443 — Deputy was dispatched for a person wanting to turn themselves in for warrants. Before deputy’s arrival, the person punched their father in mouth and left. Additional charges will be filed at large.

HOLSTER HOLLOW — Complainant reported a disturbance at the residence. After investigation, it was determined it was only verbal, so parties were allowed to separate for the evening.

COUNTY ROAD 3672 — Caller stated a blue and white dirt bike was stolen from his garage.


OLD GREENWOOD ROAD — Deputies were made aware a known wanted man was working at the address. Deputies made contact with the man and verified his identity. He was placed in custody and transported to the Wise County Jail for booking without incident.

SANDY BASS LANE — Deputies assisted in searching for a fleeing man who was in custody.

PRIVATE ROAD 4219 — A man advised he got into a verbal altercation with a neighbor, and the neighbor pointed a firearm at him. Complainant wanted to press charges.

NORTH LAKE SHORE DRIVE — A woman advised someone entered her vehicle and stole a purse and 9 mm handgun out of her vehicle. She advised she did not realize the items were stolen until she arrived at work and searched all over her vehicle. Her husband advised someone entered his vehicle as well and stole multiple tools. He advised he contaminated any potential evidence on the vehicle.

MOCKINGBIRD LANE — Complainant reported setting his firearm on the front bumper of his vehicle and forgetting about it as he went into town. The firearm was not located after he remembered not picking it up from the bumper.

KILLOUGH STREET — Caller reported a man was hitting a juvenile. Deputies arrived and conducted an investigation. Father was restraining the juvenile from leaving the residence. Deputies reviewed camera footage and determined the father had not committed a crime.

QUIKTRIP — Deputy observed a man erratically spinning in circles and laying on the ground in the parking lot. After further investigation, it was discovered the man was highly intoxicated. He was placed in custody and transported to the jail without incident.

FARM ROAD 1810 — Deputy observed a vehicle driving westbound in the eastbound lanes. The vehicle was stopped, and the deputy discovered the driver and passenger were both highly intoxicated. Driver and passenger were arrested.


BULLION ROAD — A woman advised a man had stolen her dog and taken it to his house. Deputies arrived and discovered the two parties were having a civil dispute over the ownership of two dogs. The man agreed to give complainant the dogs. She wished to have the man issued a criminal trespass warning from her residence. The man wished to have the woman issued a criminal trespass warning from his residence. Multiple warnings were issued and parties separated.

COUNTY ROAD 3661 — Complainant advised the chain and locks had been taken off the front gate of her property. Deputy arrived and complainant advised multiple other items had been taken from the property.

PRIVATE ROAD 4839 — Deputy observed a vehicle leave a known drug-trafficking location. Probable cause to initiate a traffic stop was obtained on Farm Road 718, emergency lights were activated on County Road 4845 and the vehicle proceeded to travel to another known narcotics location before stopping. Through the course of the traffic stop, reasonable suspicion was obtained that criminal activity was afoot. Consent to search was requested and denied. Bridgeport K9 made scene and a free air sniff was performed which yielded a positive alert. A search yielded a loaded methamphetamine smoking pipe with a usable amount of methamphetamine. The man was arrested and charged accordingly.

OLIVER CREEK STORE — Owner wished to report a $13.89 bag of Kratom stolen the day prior.

PRIVATE ROAD 1317 — Complainant reported her intoxicated friend pulled her out of the back seat of a truck by her hair. The complainant was holding her 2-year-old daughter while she was being pulled out of the truck.

SOUTH DONNEL STREET — A woman returned from out of town to find her residence had been broken into by a known person. Complainant wished to pursue charges for the theft. Deputy took digital photographs of the scene and seized three items for CSI that were not touched by the victims.

COUNTY ROAD 3798 — Deputy provided scene security and was bit by a dog. Deputy went to the hospital out of precaution since it broke skin.

SOUTH SAVANNA DRIVE — Complainant reported their brother and girlfriend were fighting when a knife was brandished. Deputies determined the brother was primary aggressor and was arrested. While investigating the crime scene, deputies discovered an assortment of drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was taken to Wise County Jail.

RIVERBEND RV PARK ON FARM ROAD 718 — A man reported landlords were illegally evicting him. Deputies conducted an investigation and found the landlord was in his right to evict him. The tenant had not signed a contract but a simple waiver of liability. Landlord gave him until tomorrow to remove his belongings from the property. Deputies let the tenant know and he became irate, threatening physical harm if anyone touched his property. Deputies made a note of his threats.

COUNTY ROAD 3798 — Complainant advised he was punched in the face by a family member after a verbal argument. Suspect left scene prior to deputies’ arrival. Charges filed at large.

PRIVATE ROAD 4610 — A verbal disturbance occurred between husband and wife resulting in the wife leaving the residence. Wife was located a short time later. No physical assault occurred, and parties were separated for the evening.

COUNTY ROAD 3798 — A physical disturbance occurred between family members, resulting in one sustaining bodily injury. Suspect fled scene prior to deputies’ arrival.


MOCKINGBIRD STREET — Complainant advised a man was peeling out in front of his house. Complainant advised they got into a verbal argument. The man left prior to deputies’ arrival.

HICKORY STREET — A woman advised a verbal disturbance occurred with her adult son. The son threw the phone into the yard, but not while a 911 call was not being placed. Complainant advised she called using the neighbor’s phone to encourage her son to leave. Son left prior to deputies’ arrival. Complainant was referred to civil courts for eviction, and parties were separated for the evening.


FARM ROAD 51 — Complainant stated her friend’s daughter attacked her regarding a family discussion. Witness stated it was a verbal argument only. Parties were separated.

KNOLL HILL COURT — A man wanted his granddaughter checked on after hearing an argument in the background involving her parents. No sign an offense occurred. Incident was documented due to all parties stating they argue all the time.

LOREN RYAN DRIVE — A man known to have a Wise County warrant for his arrest was at the residence and was subsequently located. He was arrested.

COUNTY ROAD 4757 — Complainant called stating a known person broke his RV camper window and began screaming for medics. Upon investigation no physical or verbal altercation took place and complainant did not wish to pursue charges. The injured person refused to see medics and drove to JPS on her own accord.

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