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Town demands better

I would like to talk about policy. As a citizen, we are not allowed to complain about or attack an individual staff or council member. I can understand that. So why are there different rules for the staff and council than the citizens?

In the Aug. 4 special meeting, a council person and a staff member attacked not only our mayor, but previous mayor and an ex-council person as well. In doing so, the council person said he would make sure the “code of conduct” was followed.

This is so hypocritical. We the people are tired of the double standards. We are tired of the vindictive retaliation the staff and council have shown to our last two elected mayors just because you didn’t win the election for your choice of candidates. We are tired of the retaliation and bullying shown to citizens that don’t agree with you and speak out.

Stop holding on to your grudges and do your job as an elected official. Elected officials don’t have to agree with each other or even like each other, but they must work together as a governing body. This council and staff have failed to do so with the previous mayor and the present mayor from the moment they were sworn in.

On day one a councilman said “I don’t trust you” to the previous mayor. The council and staff tried to exclude her from anything and everything they could in the way of running the city, including talking with the employees and failing to inform her of anything going on in the city. With the current mayor, when she swore in, it was decreed that she was not allowed behind the doors of city hall or to meet with the staff or talk to employees. It was changed to having to have witnesses to meet with administration or the administrator could record the meeting.

Really, does she look that dangerous? Are council or staff really that afraid of her? Why? Just because in the past she has posted legal documents she received from city hall under open records showing inconsistencies and irregularities in what the council says and what they do? Showing what, as a private citizen, she thought was frivolous spending on the part of council. Now we have a councilman having power to make decisions on his own outside this council chambers, just to keep her from doing her job. He lost the election for mayor but has voted himself the same power as the mayor.

I think that is illegal and unethical. It nullifies the vote of every citizen.

Well, it’s past time to leave your hurt feelings at home and do your elected job and work together as a team. The citizens deserve this. To grow and prosper, the city needs this. Quite frankly, the town is demanding this.

Deborah BeCraft

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