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Skimmers found on gas pumps


Credit card skimmers were found on fuel pumps at a Wise County gas station last week.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said his office received a report last Friday that skimmers were found on pumps at the Pilot Truck Stop and Gas Station at U.S. 81/287 near Farm Road 407 in New Fairview.

“The fuel pump maintenance man found two skimmers on the pumps. The skimmers were sent to Pilot corporate offices,” Akin said.

Skimmers are devices installed on gas pumps or ATMs that read the magnetic strip on the debit or credit card to capture information such as your name, credit card number and expiration date. That information can be used for identity theft or to make unauthorized purchases on the victim’s credit card or gain access to the victim’s bank account.

Akin said as of Thursday, the sheriff’s office did not have any pending card abuse cases related to the skimmers.

Anyone who has recently purchased gas at the station and notices any unusual activity in their bank account should contact the sheriff’s office at 940-627-5971.

To avoid being a victim of a credit card skimmer, watch for clues at the pumps. That includes making sure the seal on the pump face is not broken, making sure the card reader doesn’t look different from the readers on the other pumps and making sure the reader is tight and secure and doesn’t wiggle.

Paying for your gas purchase inside rather than at the pump is another way to avoid being a potential scamming victim.

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