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Decatur to hire school security specialist

Decatur ISD created a full-time emergency management position to oversee school security at the district.

The newly created position was presented to the school board Thursday after the district’s safety and security committee met earlier this week. The safety and security committee is comprised of staff, community members, members of the Decatur Police Department and the Wise County Office of Emergency Management.

A job posting for the position was posted on the Decatur ISD website Thursday. The duties of emergency management specialist include supporting and monitoring surveillance cameras and the access control system, routine inspection of campuses and district property as well as daily oversight, guidance and monitoring of campuses.

Two years of experience in safety and security are listed as preferred experience. Knowles said the position was repurposed out of a vacant maintenance position.

The district plans to roll out a survey to the community as well as teachers and staff concerning school security. Knowles also mentioned Decatur High School is hiring a teacher that is a “peace officer.” The officer would carry their gun in school.

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