Officials err in release of list

By Janet Akers-Amos | Published Saturday, February 9, 2019

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Purging the voter rolls of naturalized citizens is one way to stay in power, but a more ethical approach would be to offer policies and ideas that appeal to younger voters, naturalized voters and other voters who are not happy with slave wages, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and ridiculously high property taxes (due to the Texas Legislature’s failure to pay their part of public education).

The Texas Secretary of State and our indicted Attorney General, Ken Paxton, did not follow their own best practices when they released the list of 58,000 names that required naturalized citizens to take off from work and travel to their County Elections Office to prove their citizenship. Would it not have been a more effective use of taxpayer money for the SOS to have cross-referenced the DPS list and the naturalized citizen list in-house before sending the mandate to the counties?

Dumping this questionable mandate late on a Friday just before the SOS closed their office made it difficult for the county elections administrators to ask questions or discuss the validity of the list.

Janet Akers-Amos

One Response to “Officials err in release of list”

  1. says:

    Excellent observation Janet. The SOS and the AG new exactly what they were doing, putting out false information to bolster the President’s claim of illegal voter fraud.

    Walt Partin


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