Partners in crime fighting; Married couple serving city as officers

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Mr and Mrs Officer White

MR. AND MRS. OFFICER WHITE – Officer White (Jordan, left) and Officer White (Trent, right) might be the first married couple to both serve as officers at the same time at the Decatur Police Department. Both work in the patrol division. Messenger photo by Brian Knox

A couple of weeks ago, Decatur Police Officer Trent White heard a fellow officer on the radio and knew he needed assistance.

“I couldn’t make out what he said, but I knew the tone of his voice, something wasn’t right. He was either fighting or running,” Trent said.

As he and his partner pulled up behind CVS Pharmacy in Decatur where a traffic stop had taken place, Trent saw Sgt. Royce Gastineau and an officer-in-training rolling down the hill with a man they were wrestling with.

The four officers were able to detain and arrest the man, who had been stopped for speeding.

For the officer-in-training, it was the first call of her law enforcement career.

While that might be memorable enough on its own, Jordan White probably won’t forget the assistance from her fellow officers – Trent, in particular.

It’s not every day that your backup officer also happens to be your husband.

It turns out the man officers stopped was “having a bad day,” Trent said, and escalated what would otherwise be a routine traffic stop situation.

“I had just asked by FTO (field training officer), ‘What is my role? What do I need to be doing?’ And the guy ended up charging us,” Jordan said.

Trent and Jordan White might be the first husband and wife duo to serve as officers at the same time at the Decatur Police Department.

Trent started his law enforcement career at Decatur PD in 2017 – the same year the two got married – following a career as an over-the-road truck driver.

“We were about to get married. I said I better start looking for something closer to home, to spend more time home with family,” he said.

Trent and Jordan had met at Clarendon College. At that time, it was Jordan who appeared to be on the path to working in law enforcement as she was working on a criminal justice major. She ended up switching majors, and life took her in a different direction, she said.

“I worked in insurance but realized that’s not where my heart was,” she said.

When Jordan told her husband that she wanted to become a police officer, too, he told her he’d support her 100 percent.

“There’s the natural thoughts: I don’t want her to get hurt. I don’t want her to get killed, obviously. But being in this profession, you know before you put yourself in the position to go to the academy or the hiring position, you know – if I make it out of the academy and get on the streets, there’s the potential I might not be coming home at the end of the shift. … So I said I know she’s thought about it because I thought about it,” he said.

With Trent already working at Decatur PD, the couple didn’t think Jordan could be an officer at the department as well. Jordan was getting some paperwork notarized at the office one day as she was getting ready to apply at another nearby police department when Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins inquired about her application.

Trent said when Hoskins found out the application was for another department, he tossed it aside and told her she should apply at Decatur instead.

She did, and the department put her through school at Tarrant County College where she graduated last month. She’ll be in training for a few more months.

While Trent grew up in Clarendon, Jordan grew up in Decatur, so she’s familiar with the town and its residents.

“I never want to arrest the people I know, but it’s part of the job,” she said.

“It’s going to happen,” Trent added.

The two admit some of their fellow officers give them a hard time – good naturedly, of course – but they aren’t worried about what people might say.

“At the end of the day, as long as we’re happy, that’s all that matters,” she said. “We’re pretty serious about when we’re at work, we’re at work – when we’re at home, we’re at home.”

“We definitely keep the work life separate from the personal life,” Trent said.

Trent’s only been on the job for a couple of years, and Jordan a couple of weeks, but both say they already really enjoy their chosen profession.

“People talk about it being a calling. Some say you have to have a first responder heart. That’s just the way it is. It’s born into you,” Trent said.

As the first day proved, they already have each other’s backs.

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