Decatur collects $366K in sales taxes

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, January 12, 2019
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Sales tax

The city of Decatur received a big bonus to start the calendar year last January with audit collections of $207,000 pushing its sales taxes disbursement to $543,892.

Decatur did not see the same big check this week, but started the year with a healthy disbursement of $366,687 from the Texas Comptroller. The January disbursement is based on sales tax collections from November.

“If you take the audit collections off from last year, we would have been up $30,000,” said Decatur City Manager Brett Shannon. “It was a good month. We’re trending in the right direction, we just didn’t get the $207,000 unexpected inflow. Hopefully it’ll continue.”

The disbursement included Black Friday sales along with the early Christmas season shopping. It was more than $19,000 above the October sales tax collections of $347,168 in last month’s disbursement.

“I’m anxious to see what next month brings with December’s business and the annual and quarterly filers,” Shannon said.

Bridgeport brought in $176,348 in sales taxes off November sales – a 13.59 percent jump from the $155,238 for the same month in 2017. It was also a jump of nearly $25,000 from the $151,665 in October.

Three other cities in Wise County enjoyed double-digit sales tax growth from November 2017 – Alvord, Chico and Paradise.

Wise County had a 9.96 percent jump in sales tax revenue off its half-cent versus November 2017. The county’s collections were $353,530. It was slightly more than $22,000 more than the $331,100 collected in October.

The Boyd Municipal Development District (MDD) brought in $10,293 on its second disbursement. Voters in May 2018 approved moving a half-cent of sales tax to the district. The Boyd MDD started collections in October and received a first disbursement of $11,753 in December.

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