2019 Election: Bridgeport City Council

By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Three council seats are on the May 4 ballot. Voters will select council members for Place 3, Place 4 and Place 5 seats. Incumbent councilman Jimmy Meyers is running unopposed for Place 3. Here’s their answers to our questions on their race.


Vella Alexander

Occupation: Former Bridgeport Index reporter

Why are you seeking office?: I am seeking this office because I want to be a spokesperson for the citizens of Bridgeport, bringing accountability, term limits, improving utilities and balancing the budget with no tax increases.

Question: The recent influx of retail businesses and restaurants along Halsell Street have seemingly revitalized downtown Bridgeport, making it more of a destination city for people to visit and enjoy. How can the city improve its attraction to businesses and employers that could create substantial job growth in Bridgeport?: This falls back on utilities, by lowering utilities. I’m a citizen of Bridgeport. Basically, if you lower your rates, every building downtown and businesses will come if the prices were not so skyrocketed. Bridgeport also needs a business plan, an action plan in place. I’m running to be a voice for the citizens.

Bobby Brazier, incumbent

Brazier did not provide responses before the deadline.


Bryson Boyd

Occupation: Self-employed

Why are you seeking office?: I am running for city council to make a difference in our community. I believe I can bring fresh ideas and a new face to the council. I want to bring a deeper transparency, accountability, opportunity, improvement and availability government to the people of Bridgeport.

Question: In November, Wise County voters passed Tier 2 to put an end to forced annexation in the county. Now, with Tier 2 in place, how does the city go about growing its tax base and attracting residents and businesses inside the city?: Moving to Tier-2 status does not mean Bridgeport can’t “grow” – the city can grow physically through approved annexation, and it can grow in population and economics by good taxpayer- and community-friendly policies that make people and businesses want to move to our community. A big section of the work to bring businesses and people to town will continue from the great people that run the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation. Their work with council and city staff are a vital component and the heartbeat of Bridgeport.

Billy Fred Walker, incumbent

Walker declined to participate but said, “I want to make Bridgeport as good as it can be.”

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