Northwest ISD faces $4.2M in recapture

By Richard Greene | Published Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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With an increase in enrollment over the past few school years, Northwest ISD moved off the state’s list of Chapter 41 schools.

But with a big jump of its tax rolls in the past year, Northwest ISD will once again be subject to “recapture” for 2018-19.

Northwest, Boyd, Chico, Decatur and Slidell have all recently received letters from the Texas Education Agency stating they are subject to recapture under the Texas school finance formula for 2018-19.

Districts fall into Chapter 41 status as “property wealthy districts” if its wealth per resident student exceeds $319,500.

Northwest, which set its budget in June, estimated a recapture amount of $4.256 million. The district’s estimated taxable property increased by $1.4 billion – from $14.097 billion to $15.498 billion. The total value of all property in the district rose from $19 billion to $22.6 billion.

Northwest ISD Deputy Superintendent John Graswich said this will be the first time since 2013-14 the district has sent money back to the state.

Boyd and Decatur school district received letters, but both expect to avoid recapture.

“Last year, we didn’t have to pay anything. If we do this year, it’ll be a small recapture amount,” said Boyd ISD Superintendent Ted West.

Decatur ISD Deputy Superintendent Cindy Tatum said early estimates had the district’s wealth per student at $438,686. She expects that to go down with the certified values and the increased enrollment.

“According to our growth, we won’t have to pay any recapture,” Tatum said.

Slidell ISD is facing $301,000 in recapture for the upcoming year.

“We will receive about $165,000 in foundation school money from the state throughout next year,” said Slidell ISD Superintendent Greg Enis. “With our increased values for this fiscal year we project our recapture for next year (19-20) to be approximately $790,000 with about $100,000 in foundation school money.”

Chico ISD Superintendent Don Elsom estimates a $500,000 recapture payment for his district.

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