Filing begins for May election

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, January 13, 2018

The first day for candidates to file for the May 5, 2018 General Election is Wednesday. Filing is open until Feb. 16 for a spot on the ballot. Early voting will begin April 24.

Here is a list of the city and school board spots on the ballot this year in Wise County:

CITY OF ALVORD – Place 3 (Kirk Gibson), Place 4 (Debra McKelvain), Place 5 (Jimmy Enochs)

ALVORD ISD – Place 1 (Rusty Rice), Place 2 (John Schedcik), Place 3 unexpired term (Jim Bloomer)

CITY OF AURORA – Ward 1 (Jackie Stone), Ward 2 (Joe Smith), Ward 3 (Jason Brummal)

CITY OF BOYD – Place 1 (Letty Thome), Place 3 (Vince Estel), Place 5 (Gary Brown)

BOYD ISD – Place 3 (Bill Childress), Place 4 (Trae Luttrell), Place 5 unexpired term (Dennis Tidwell)

CITY OF BRIDGEPORT – Place 1 (David Correll), Place 2 (Kevin Lopez)

BRIDGEPORT ISD – Place 1 (Tom Talley), Place 2 (Charles Mauldin), Place 3 (Alan Powers)

CITY OF CHICO – Three at-large council seats (Leah Clark, Greta McDaniel, Jimmy Counts)

CHICO ISD – Place 1 (W.E. “Bill” Hand), Place 2 (Mark Tate)

CITY OF DECATUR – Mayor (Martin Woodruff), Place 1 (Dr. Carmelina Holloway), Place 3 (Cary Bohn), Place 5 (Mike McQuiston)

DECATUR ISD – Place 5 (Matt Joiner), Place 6 (Kevin Haney), Place 7 (Marsha Hafer)

CITY OF LAKE BRIDGEPORT – Mayor, two at-large council seats (Sherry Pewitt and a vacant spot)

CITY OF NEWARK – Place 1 (Michael Murray), Place 2 (Taylor Burton), Place 3 (Chris Raines)

NORTHWEST ISD – Place 1 (Josh Wright), Place 2 (Mark Schluter), Place 7 unexpired term (vacant)

CITY OF RHOME – Mayor (Michelle Pittman di Credico), Place 4 (Sam Eason), Place 5 (Leeanne Mackowski), Place 2 (Kenny Crenshaw, one-year term), Place 3 (currently vacant, one-year term)

CITY OF RUNAWAY BAY – Mayor (John Boyd), three at-large council seats

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