Bridgeport ISD to add cameras at high school

By Racey Burden | Published Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Bridgeport ISD is looking to install new security measures at the high school, separating its surveillance system from the other schools in the district.

Technology Director Roger Egle said he would like to leave the current cameras at the high school up and add another 10 cameras and a DVR recorder.

“What we have right now, it’s just not that reliable,” Egle said. “We’re short cameras; we have a lot of cameras that aren’t recording.”

Egle said that the new ag barn runs on a separate system of cameras from the other district buildings, and since that system has proved to be reliable he’d like to do the same thing at the high school.

“Basically what I’m going to do is use that same company, and they’ll have their own isolated surveillance system,” Egle said. “Right now everything comes back [to the technology department], but this will keep it at the high school.”

Currently all the schools fall under one surveillance system, and due to licensing issues only a certain number of cameras can record at one time. By taking the 51 cameras at the high school off the district system, all the cameras at the other schools will be able to record instead of just showing live feeds, Egle said.

“At each campus there’s probably three to five cameras that aren’t recording,” Egle said. “So I’m going to pull those cameras [at the high school] off and open up the licenses. Those will be reallocated to the other campuses.”

The new surveillance system will cost about $25,000, which Superintendent Brandon Peavey said he believes the district could reallocate from other budget items.

Egle said there aren’t any grants that can pay for the system.

“I would like to redo the whole district, but for that I’m looking at close to $90,000 for all the campuses,” Egle said.

The budget amendment for the surveillance system will likely be voted on at the next board meeting.

“It’s one of those things that keeps me up at night,” Egle told the board. “We run into instances where it’s, ‘Hey, I need some video.’ And I don’t have it.”

The board also voted at the end of the meeting to extend Peavey’s contract by a year. The contract now ends in 2021.

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