Growing number bewildered by Trump

By Ken Bateman | Published Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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I am compelled to speak to the July 12 letter, “Discouraged by journalists” by Jo Ann Mann of Bridgeport.

I suggest to Ms. Mann and others to consider it’s not just the Messenger or the editor’s opinion that the president of the United States is bewildering.

When the leader of any large, modern nation uses social media to single out commentators on a news channel and make juvenile remarks about their personal appearance or intellect it is “news,” and in this case it was reported in virtually every single newspaper in the United States of America.

It was, literally, historical. No other president has done this kind of thing.

A large number of world leaders, many founders of large companies, as well as the honorable Sen. John McCain and other Republicans, are bewildered by Donald Trump. So am I. So are over 60 percent of the people in the United States, according to several recent surveys.

I don’t know what “snowflakes” means in the letter, but I do know that silly insults like this are avoided by thoughtful people, and those issued by Trump on a regular basis are not “presidential.” This kind of disrespectful talk is offensive to the majority of decent people everywhere, and it’s embarrassing when they are issued regularly by an American president.

Regarding the letter’s tone, as a former journalist, I must say it’s hurtful to see broad, incorrect, negative characterizations of people in the business of telling the truth.

As far as the letter’s claim that Trump was elected by “hardworking people who love God …,” I hope to live a thousand years, for surely, after all that time I will understand that statement. I was raised in the Christian church, and anyone who proffers the notion that this guy is religious or Godly is about as far away from the truth and the message of religious leaders as one can get.

Perhaps Ms. Mann would be better served if she and her like-minded friends could start a letter writing campaign to the president, asking him to begin acting more religious, civil and thoughtful.

To understand why there is widespread disgust, embarrassment and bewilderment across America these days, read David Brooks’ wonderful, best-selling book, “The Road to Character.”

Brooks certainly, in my view, has character and so does McCain, along with many other Republicans and Democrats. The people I’ve met and read at the Messenger seem to be people of character, too. (I saw a copy of Brooks’ book last week in the Decatur library.)

Ken Bateman

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