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By Nathaniel Carr | Published Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Hello everyone, my name is Nathaniel Carr, but my peers call me Nate. I’m a junior at Decatur High School where I’m the webmaster for the print and online Journal.

Nathaniel Carr

Additionally, I participate in theater and student congress, and I work at Noah’s Ark Pets and Supplies whenever I can. I’m glad I can add writing for the Messenger to my roster of duties in my busy, yet enjoyable life.

Since before I started high school, my brother Ryan cemented a love for theater and journalism within me. When he attended Denton High School, he wrote for The Horseshoe for nearly four years and eventually earned the title of the online editor-in-chief.

I looked up to my brother, so I naturally watched and read everything he created for his school’s website and papers, and I remember thinking, “This is amazing. I would love the opportunity to create something for others to see and then learn something from it.”

High school allowed me to do this for my peers, and now here I am with the opportunity to write content for the Messenger to be seen by my community.

That, to this very moment, blows my mind, and I hope that everyone enjoys what I create.

Nathaniel Carr is a junior at Decatur High School.

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