Fallon’s campaign tour stops in Wise

By Racey Burden | Published Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Meet and Greet

MEET AND GREET – State Rep. Pat Fallon, currently running for Senate District 30, stops to shake hands during a campaign rally in Runaway Bay. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

During his tour of 14 counties in 14 hours, State Rep. Pat Fallon stopped by the Runaway Bay Norma Coble Civic Center Friday to campaign for Senate District 30.

Fallon is running against incumbent Craig Estes and fellow challenger, Craig Carter of Nocona, in the March Republican primary. He’s been on the campaign trail for months and said what separates him from Estes is his involvement in the communities he’s hoping to represent.

“Everybody running in a Republican primary is going to say they’re the second coming of Ronald Reagan, maybe even Barry Goldwater,” Fallon said. “Words are cheap. It’s actions that mean something.”

Fallon, who’s been door-to-door campaigning, told the Runaway Bay audience that the first bill he intends to file if he’s elected senator will be a Texas historical monument protection act to stop the removal of Confederate monuments.

“I want my children to know and understand what happened in 1861 and 1865 and why, the fact that 600,000 Americans lost their lives fighting for what they believed in,” Fallon said. “And we only became the greatest country the world has ever known after 1865.”

Fallon took some digs at liberals and college campus “safe spaces” before moving on to talk about increasing penalties for voter fraud.

“Those are the kind of fights you need from us,” he said.

Liberals weren’t the only ones Fallon plans to fight against – he also came out swinging against Estes, who he accused of corruption.

“My approach is this: I work for you,” Fallon said. “I don’t work for mega donors. I don’t work with lobbyists.”

When asked what he thought the biggest issue facing Texas is, Fallon said border security and ending narcotics and human trafficking.

“An open border is an immoral border,” Fallon said.

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