Edwards starts signature drive for place on ballot

By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, June 4, 2017

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Dr. Davey Edwards of Alvord, who announced in March he would run for Texas land commissioner, is collecting signatures to get on the 2018 Republican primary ballot.

He must collect the signatures of at least 5,000 registered voters, and they must be turned in to the Secretary of State’s office by Dec. 11. Edwards is choosing to collect signatures instead of paying the $3,750 filing fee to get on the ballot.

“I’ve got (the money). It’s not a problem,” he said. “But I think getting the signatures sends a message. It sends a message not only to the candidate I’m running against, but also to the public and rest of Texas that there are other ways.”

Edwards said he’s using his professional network, as well as those from college and high school to spread the word.

He explained that anyone who signs the petition must be a registered voter and must vote in the Republican primary.

“I’ve got friends from the left side of the bracket, too, but if you sign that petition in the Republican Party, you have to vote in the Republican primary,” he explained. “I want my Democratic friends to vote where they’re led to do so, but many of them have said they’ll support me financially and in the general election.”

Edwards said if you’d like to sign the petition or volunteer to help collect signatures, stop by Edwards Surveying, 208 W. Walnut St., in Decatur or call him at 940-627-2961.

You can also contact him via Facebook at or email

Edwards said if he has not collected enough signatures as the deadline approaches, he will pay the filing fee to get on the ballot.

“I think my money would be better spent to let voters know they are going to have a choice, and here’s my qualifications,” he said. “I’m hoping to use that money more toward a final push.”

But he doesn’t want to disappoint supporters who may have signed the petition or worked to collect signatures.

“I would go ahead and pay the fee,” he said.

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