6 arrested in prostitution sting

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Six people were arrested last week in a multi-agency prostitution sting in Wise County.

County Attorney James Stainton said the sting was the result of months of planning that started from local officers hearing rumors about prostitution in the county.

“It’s just good police work,” Stainton said. “It started with guys on the streets. They pay attention and report it to their superiors.”

The operation included the Bridgeport and Decatur police departments, the Wise County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety. Local authorities also enlisted the help of vice officers from the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

Phone numbers were advertised, and the people seeking the services of the prostitutes, who were actually undercover officers, called to set up the meetings.

The calls came in between 2 and 10 p.m. last Wednesday, Dec. 6.

“When we kicked this off in the afternoon, both the Bridgeport phone and the Decatur phone started blowing up. It was a little disconcerting,” Stainton said.

While many who called did not commit to show up, others did.

Two teams made up of intermixed officers from all agencies were at locations in both Bridgeport and Decatur to meet the johns and make the arrests.

Stainton said six people were arrested on prostitution charges – three local residents, two from Fort Worth and one from Denton County.

While prostitution many not be as big an issue in rural areas like Wise County, our proximity to the Metroplex and a growing population could change that in the future.

“As Tarrant County moves this way, it puts this at our back door,” Stainton said of the prostitution problem. “I’ve talked to the local police chiefs and to the sheriff. We don’t want it in our towns or county. This is a bad element our county doesn’t need.”

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