Send ’em home on a plane

By Wayne Morgan | Published Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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I am just an old country boy that loves my country, the USA, and thanks God every day for what I have.

It is a shame about the children who have broken the law and come to the USA illegally and that the idiots we have in office want to spend billions of dollars taking care of them.

Some of them were sent by their mom and dad in hopes they could come over also, and smugglers saw an easy way to charge the kids and bring them over in big bunches.

The thing to do, and the cheapest way, is to take them by plane back where they came from and let them apply to come to the USA. It is up to the government and parents of these kids in their country to care for them.

If this is allowed, we are opening the door for thousands of them to flood this country. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Send them back home at once, and others may think twice about doing the same.

Wayne Morgan

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  1. Walt Partin says:

    Mr. Morgan, you might find this interesting.
    On December 23, 2008 President Bush signed into law the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. This law states that illegal immigrant children from countries not contiguous to the United States cannot be sent back to their country without a court hearing. The courts are currently about 2 years behind. The money Obama is asking for is partly to add 40 more immigration judges and courts to speed that process up. Right now we cannot legally send the kids from Central America back without a court hearing.
    While your suggestion about the plane trip is simplistic enough, it is not legal.

  2. Rusty White says:

    You speak the truth, but I believe there is a better way to solve this problem.

    First off, we send these countries “BILLIONS” of our tax dollars every year! So if we deduct what it cost us to take care of their citizens, guess how quick they will close their own borders!

    Second, we end the manipulation, bribes, and funding of OUR known failure called the war on drugs in their countries! Thereby taking the power and money away from these gangs, FACT!

    I for one still believe we would have been a lot better off invading Mexico than Iraq! JUST SAYING!:)

  3. says:

    Mr. Partin,

    Was Obama’s 2012 DACA decree “legal?”
    That’s when he authorized – quite on his own – certain young illegal immigrants to stay in the USA.
    The invasion started shortly thereafter; crossings DOUBLED in the first year.
    He’s since hinted at FURTHER restricting deportations.
    The word is out down south, sir.
    Bush’s 6-year-old law didn’t suddenly cause this.
    Obama did. And now he’s doing NOTHING to stop it.
    If he wanted to, he has a “pen” and “phone” to do it.

  4. Scott Pierce says:

    How many of these poor children will find a home in Washington D.C. Isn’t Andrews Air Base accepting these poor mistreated either. Surely President Obama and First Lady Michelle could help 20, no one is using the Lincoln room.

  5. Walt Partin says:

    Mr. Atkinson, I’m pretty sure my post only addressed the reason we can’t send these kids back to Central America. You obviously thought it addressed why they are here. The reason they are crossing is quite another conversation. There are many reasons for this. If you really want to know you will research every bit of information; the violence in their countries that the parents want to save their children from; the opportunistic criminals that promise safe passage for thousands of dollars per child; belief in non-existent laws in the U. S. to name a few. You also seem to think I blamed Bush for the reason they are here, I said he passed the law that won’t allow us to send them back. You might want to work on your comprehensive reading skills.

    The June 2012 decision you refer to:

    This policy means young immigrants can qualify for deferred action—a temporary legal status—and work authorization if they meet the following criteria:
    • They are not older than 30 and were younger than 16 when they arrived in the United States.
    • They lived in the United States at the time of the announcement, and had been here at least five years.
    • They are enrolled in school, have graduated from high school, or have served in the military.
    • They have a relatively clean criminal history—meaning no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions.
    • They pose no national security threat.

  6. says:

    Thanks, Mr. Partin, but I’m good on the reading.

    But you didn’t answer my question, sir.
    Was Obama’s DACA decree, the obvious source of this mess, “legal?” Sounds like you think it was.

    Yes, I do “seem to think” you blamed Bush that these kids “are here” now — because you did.

    And in your list of “why” these kids are coming, you leave out the No. 1 reason: they think they’ll get amnesty — which takes us back to Barry.

    BTW, nothing going on in Central America is any worse than it was 25 years ago.

    And BTW2, little to nothing in DACA’s rules you so eloquently list can be verified, now can they? It’s a sham and our southern neighbors know it. And Obama’s promises to enact more “DACAs” this year adds to this outrage.

    There’s really no question, Professor — accept for folks like you.

    (May I suggest Dinesh D’Souza’s “America” for your viewing pleasure? You may learn something.)

  7. Walt Partin says:

    Terrell, I stated the reason we can’t send those kids back on a plane, that law is a fact. I listed the requirements for the 2012 directive, those are facts. Everything I posted is a fact. Everything you posted is an opinion. I have no interest in engaging in conversation to change your opinion.

  8. Rusty White says:


    “””BTW, nothing going on in Central America is any worse than it was 25 years ago.”””

    At best this false statement can not be supported with facts! The 70,000 + deaths a lone of citizens in Mexico in the last couple of years, due to OUR failure known as the war on drugs, does not support your assumptions, does it? Our countries policies are part to blame for the mess we are in, we have bullied, manipulated and bribed other countries in to scarifying their citizens to this known failure, FACT! The sad truth is the “chicken have come home to roost” BECAUSE OF our policies forced upon others, FACT!!!

    You might want to google “drugwarfacts” so you can LEARN some truth, as well!

  9. Andrew Wynn says:

    Excusing the administration on the basis of legislation passed over six years ago is a non-starter. At that time Mexico guarded its southern border and was extremely harsh on those who attempted to cross it.

    The Zero has had six years to correct the “problem” but has done nothing to do so—and that is because he is not interested in doing so, and has enlisted the help of the Mexican government in achieving his political objectives. He picks and chooses the laws he will enforce at any rate, so any laws passed during any previous administration are completely irrelevant.

    The truth is this invasion is the result of his invitation and moratorium on deportations, which has been ongoing and widely publicized. The purpose of all this is to ultimately disenfranchise those who oppose him and his marxist/collectivist/progressive/socialist party’s policies. Any fool who WANTS to see can see that.

  10. Rusty White says:


    I guess the 535 in one house and the 60 in the other have had nothing to do with “OUR” problems, right? Yep, it’s all the “Zero’s” fault, strange how a DO NOTHING Congress has the longest running DOCUMENTED history of failure to do their jobs, but it’s still one man’s fault!

    Come election time I believe those that have spent more time and effort MAKING sure this President fails, will pay a heavy cost AS THEY SHOULD!!! They are ALL TO BLAME “NOT” JUST ONE, FACT!!!

    I still say, we should DEDUCT what it cost this country out of the “BILLIONS” of tax dollars we give these countries EVERY YEAR! Watch how quick they close their own borders!!!

  11. Andrew Wynn says:

    Wow. So there are 535 in the House and 60 in the Senate? I doubt you would recognize a FACT if it jumped up and bit you on the backside.

  12. Rusty White says:


    How far off was my guess at the numbers in each house, I have lost count of how many political parasites and career politicians are free loading off WE THE PEOPLE? Strange you claiming to be far better at math and facts than I am, but can’t respond to the truth as to who is to blame?

    Like I said, those in office today AND their party that are sacrificing the good of this country and the well being of ALL it’s citizens solely to make sure this President fails, should and WILL pay for come the elections! AS IT SHOULD BE!!!

  13. Andrew Wynn says:

    It’s not about math. It’s about understanding what’s going on, and I am afraid you truly ARE clueless. All you seem to really care about is legalization of drugs. If it were not so, you’d understand that the current occupant of the White House has as his goals the permanent transformation of the United States of America into socialist wallow and the complete destruction of the Constitution. The republicans’ job IS to make sure he fails because his success means the failure and destruction of this country. Unfortunately they have failed to do their job.

    Oh, almost forgot to add…FACT!

  14. Rusty White says:


    One of the great thing about this country is the “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”! Sadly many use it to spew hate in an attempt to justify their self serving beliefs and agendas. The truth is NO ONE man can do the things you claim, the Presidents before this one used their “executive powers” many more times than this one has! “YOUR” party and the other one as well, are “supposedly” in office to serve ALL AMERICANS “BEFORE” their party “cheerleaders” and own agendas, are they not? Now these political parasites are going on a “5 WEEK” vacation even though our country is in turmoil! Sadly there is a “minority” that attempts to claims this country is “ONLY” for their party and their beliefs, and everybody else is on the “wrong side”! I for one wish we could all just be AMERICANS FIRST, live and let live, while “EVERYONE” minded their own damn business, as well as they try and mind everybody else’s!!!

    As for legalizing drugs, do you think this child like slander give your position more merit? Here is a clue for ya, our effort at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition are to reduce the harm being done, using REALITY, COMMON SENSE, and FACTS! If you have the honesty or intellectual integrity I invite you to http://www.leap.cc and see the truth and our “mission statement”, GAME!! On the top of our home page you will find a link to “find a speaker”, click on it and see the MANY who served the public their entire adult lives!

    Have a nice life, BRING ON THE ELECTIONS!!!

  15. Walt Partin says:

    This has become quite an entertaining string of comments. I wonder if Mr. Morgan checks the Messenger on line.

  16. Rusty White says:


    He probably doesn’t want to get in the middle of these issues!:) Over the “years” being on this forum many people fear of posting their beliefs due to the abuse and drama they will face for doing so! I can’t count the people who know me or after realizing who I am, come and thank me for standing up, that feeling of “speaking for others”, is worth the abuse!!!!
    Fortunately being a speaker for http://www.leap.cc and many of my life travels, I have pretty thick shin, some would say a pretty “thick scull” to go with it!:):)


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