Ramp needs more attention, less trash

By Rusty White | Published Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Why is there no “common sense” by those in charge of the boat ramps on Lake Bridgeport? We are down to one ramp with very limited parking, while the ramp at the dam could easily be extended while the lake is so low – thereby providing more access and parking to all who visit the lake.

How hard is it to make this “common sense” decision? The amount of taxes and revenue generated by this lake should be reason and justification by itself to do this – not to mention the safety and access concerns!

Also, I launched my boat this morning and was utterly disgusted at the amount of trash left by those setting off fireworks at the only ramp we have on Lake Bridgeport. How can people be so lazy and inconsiderate of others?

No wonder no one wants to let the public have access! Next time you hear “no fireworks allowed” remember – it was trashy and inconsiderate people that caused it!

What is even more disgusting is most of them probably had children with them, so now they, as well, believe it is OK to trash, and be trash.

Rusty White

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