School districts hit targets; Two campuses rated ‘improvement required’

By Bob Buckel | Published Saturday, August 9, 2014

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Wise County’s eight school districts all received a “met standard” rating in the state’s 2014 Accountability Summary.

The numbers were released Friday.

Only two campuses – Decatur’s McCarroll Middle School 7th and 8th grade campus, and Northwest’s Seven Hills Elementary in Newark – were rated “improvement required,” but those ratings did not prevent those districts from meeting the standard overall.

Under the old system, districts and campuses were rated unacceptable, acceptable, recognized or exemplary, based mostly on test results and a few other criteria.

With the new system, districts throughout the state are rated either “met standard” or “improvement required.”

The accountability summary analyzes whether districts and individual campuses met the state standards in four areas:

  • student achievement (target score 55) – basically, students’ scores on the STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) tests throughout the year;
  • student progress (target score 16) – students’ improvement from year-to-year in basic subject areas;
  • closing performance gaps (target score 28) – measuring to see that all ethnic and socioeconomic groups are making progress; and
  • postsecondary readiness (target score 57) – graduation rates.

Districts were also eligible to qualify for special honors called distinctions. Seven possible distinctions were available, in academic achievement for reading/English/language arts, math, science or social studies, for earning the top 25 percent in student progress or closing performance gaps, or for postsecondary readiness.

No Wise County school district earned any distinctions, and Slidell ISD, because of its size, was not eligible.

Individual results for Wise County school districts looked like this:


All three campuses met standard.

On Index 1, for student achievement, the district earned an 86.

For student progress, the district scored 36.

On closing performance gaps, the district’s score was 41.

And in postsecondary readiness, the district’s score was 66.

For the distinction designation, Alvord ISD had one out of nine eligible measures in the top 25 percent.

On the system safeguards, which measure performance rates, participation rates, graduation rates and whether a district met federal limits on alternative assessments, Alvord’s score was 32 out of 32.


All four campuses met standard, and Boyd ISD had three of 10 eligible measures in the top 25 percent for the distinction designation.

In student achievement, Boyd’s score was 77.

For student progress, Boyd ISD hit 40 – tied with Northwest for the top score in Wise County.

In closing performance gaps, Boyd’s score was 39.

On postsecondary readiness, Boyd scored a 65.

Boyd ISD met the state’s indicators on 33 of 35 system safeguards.


All four campuses met standard, and Bridgeport made the top 25 percent in two of its 10 eligible measures for distinction.

Bridgeport’s student achievement score was 73.

The district’s student progress score was 39.

In the area of closing performance gaps, Bridgeport ISD scored a 33.

And in postsecondary readiness, the score was 59.

Bridgeport hit 21 of its 28 performance rate measures and was 37-for-45 overall.


Chico met standard, landing one of its nine eligible measures for distinction designation in the top 25 percent.

On student achievement, Chico scored an 85.

For student progress, Chico’s score was a 38.

In closing performance gaps, the score was 47 – highest of the county’s school districts.

In postsecondary readiness, Chico scored a 66.

The district hit all 37 of its system safeguard indicators.


The Decatur district had one campus – the McCarroll Middle School sixth grade campus – that was rated “improvement required.”

Overall, the district’s rating was “met standard” as it exceeded state targets in student achievement (78), student progress (38), closing performance gaps (36) and postsecondary readiness (71).

The sixth grade campus missed the state target on student progress.

Decatur ISD had two of 13 eligible postsecondary readiness measures in the top 25 percent statewide and met 44 of 51 indicators on the system safeguards.


Wise County’s biggest school district, which also extends into Denton and Tarrant counties, had two campuses that showed improvement needed.

Both Seven Hills Elementary at Newark and J. Lyndal Hughes Elementary in Roanoke missed the state target on student progress.

But overall, the district hit 74 of its 75 indicators.

Northwest’s scores were 87 on student achievement – highest in the county – 40 on student progress, 45 on closing performance gaps and 73 on postsecondary readiness.

Northwest had three of 43 eligible measures in the top 25 percent.


All four of Paradise ISD’s campuses met state standards, and in postsecondary readiness, the district had the highest score in the county.

Paradise’s student achievement score was 82.

The district earned a 37 in student progress and a 41 in closing performance gaps.

Paradise met state indicators on all 35 of its indicators but had no eligible measures in the top 25 percent for the distinction designation.


Slidell ISD, with one campus, met standard with a score of 85 on student achievement, 41 on closing performance gaps and 69 on postsecondary readiness.

The district was not eligible for distinction designations but hit 22 out of 22 on its system safeguards.

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