What are they putting on the field?

By K. Peters | Published Saturday, May 4, 2013

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I live in the Rhome/New Fairview area off Farm Road 407 and Kincannon, and I believe there is a drilling “mud farm” going on right behind my property and behind our neighborhood.

They have dug terraces and white tanker trucks come out and dump this white smelly drilling mud onto the ground. It has a chemical smell and from what I understand, it can have benzene and arsenic in this mud.

This property is sloped toward mine and the others in the neighborhood and a creek bed runs behind all of our properties, which people’s livestock drink out of. We also have a community water well in the neighborhood, and I am afraid of the water table being polluted.

I called the Railroad Commission, and they did issue a permit for this to be done – but they couldn’t tell me what the law is on how close to a neighborhood they could dump this. They didn’t know the rules on it.

I asked them who is testing to see what is in this stuff, and they say the drilling company the stuff is coming from, and they submit it to the Railroad Commission. No one from the government is testing the stuff from these tankers so it is like the fox watching the chicken coop.

I asked for a copy of their reports that they have been submitting and asked the Railroad Commission guy to take a sample of what they were dumping and told him I want a copy of this report. I have informed them I will be taking my own samples and having it tested – and if arsenic and benzene are in this, I will be informing the Environmental Protection Agency next.

These farmers in the Wise County area seem to like the money they are getting from this dumping, and it makes their fields greener. But do they realize they are poisoining themselves and the livestock they sell to the rest of their neighbors?

Someone needs to look into this and bring this out to the open as to what is going on here. Wise County should not let this go on.

K. Peters

One Response to “What are they putting on the field?”

  1. Andrew Wynn says:

    I’d be equally concerned, but the last people I would call is the EPA. I would call TCEQ first and refrain from calling on the federal government unless all other options are exhausted. Let’s nor invite the federal government into local Wise County affairs.


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