Was arrest racially motivated?

By Tammy Richardson-Pinon | Published Saturday, May 11, 2013

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How sad that a talented Bridgeport athlete’s most recent picture in the paper is a mug shot. Perhaps if Bridgeport High School and the rest of our community took more interest in him than just his ability on the football field, his name and photo would be included in a very different headline. Especially now, when he should be preparing to head to college, not to court on such serious charges!

I can’t help but wonder if he were a white kid from a mid- to upper-class family, would he have been arrested at all? And by the way, what race was the kid that was with him – the one they let go home? Why was that kid not arrested? Why did police just go to that kid’s house and have a talk with him and let him off?

What exactly leads to the arrest of one kid, and a stern “talking to” another? Surely it’s not race or who your parents are, is it?

If I sound angry, damn right I am. No, the kid arrested is not my son, but he could have been.

Although my husband and I grew up and graduated in this town, my husband would rather we not live here. Why? Because he’s Mexican. He knows on a personal basis what it’s like to be harassed by local police. Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Back in the late 1980s we had some awesome Mexican football stars playing at Bridgeport. And even then, they were were only valuable to the school and community while they were on the football field. Not a single one of them was guided by a caring mentor toward college and success.

Fortunately, my husband was not one of those kids. Through his father’s good example, a stint in the Army, and the right education, he has achieved personal success. (But, ironically, he was intensely harassed [again] for a while by Bridgeport PD when we first moved back to Bridgeport in 2003 to be closer to family…)

It takes a community to raise a child, and in Bridgeport we have failed again.

I was born in Bridgeport. My twin sister and I were delivered in the “old” Bridgeport hospital by Dr. Bryant. Most days I’m proud to say this. But not today.

To the boy whose handsome face and name were so shamefully printed by this local paper, I’m sorry we failed you. I hope you will fight the charges against you! Hire a good lawyer and have every kid who was not arrested subpoenaed to testify to the events that occurred the night of your arrest.

It’s time for our community to truly respect and encourage, appreciate and promote the equality of each of our young people! Regardless of their skin color, their last name or which side of the tracks they live on, they each deserve a future filled with success. And as the adults they are looking to for guidance, we should all be stepping up and helping them get there – not using them for our Friday night entertainment, then discarding them carelessly to the wayside when football season is over!

Tammy Richardson-Pinon

16 Responses to “Was arrest racially motivated?”

  1. J.D. Goodwin says:

    Why was he arrested and not his friend??? BECAUSE HE WAS DRIVING! The friend was not…….. What if he had wrecked and hit and killed your child? I am a volunteer firefighter, I have seen the can be’s that go along with DWI. THIS GUY MADE A CHOICE, and White, Black, Mexican, or any other race, creed or religion…. HE DESERVES EVERY BOOK THEY THROW AT HIM. Especially with with his alcohol related criminal history.

  2. Rusty White says:


    Sadly we have let a “minority” manipulate our supposed justice system in to a self serving “witch hunt”! To the point they willfully violate our Constitution and citizens rights, disgustingly under the guise of “for our own good”! I invite every one to google GETMADD and see how the number of supposed alcohol related deaths have been “proven” to be manipulated and falsely enhanced to attempt to justify their agenda, FACT!

    When we let this “minority” lower the legal limits to UNREALISTIC levels, they can now claim anyone who consumes alcohol and operates a motor vehicle is breaking the law, which is a bold faced LIE. It is “NOT” against the laws of the state of Texas to consume alcohol and then operate a motor vehicle, FACT! Sadly if you tell people a LIE long enough they start to believe it, even our tax dollars are used to spread this LIE. Don’t think so, how many times have you seen on our highway signs this LIE on them, “Drink and Drive Go to Jail”, as well as the same LIE on the radio and TV??? How many times do we hear of people being “3 and 4” times over the legal limit, YA THINK it could be because the limit is unrealistic?

    Sadly all we hear is the “supposed” justification these criminals “might” have killed one of our loved ones. Over 900,000 Texans were arrested last year for DUI, at 17,000 dollars a pop why aren’t the number of arrest and deaths going down??? While those who make a living off this “witch hunt”, and it also has become “the” special interests weapon of choice to keep “feeding the system”! After all when we have prisons for profit, the only way to continue and increase those profits is to keep feeding them more of our citizens, how utterly disgusting is this TRUTH!

    While I support the “Honest and Fair” enforcement of our laws, while holding people responsible for their actions. I DO NOT support doing it with LIES while violating our Constitution and citizens rights! Strange how we never hear how much this “witch hunt” is harming the families of these “supposed” criminals? How in these hard time rent money, food money, money need for their children is taken to feed this “witch hunt” It doesn’t matter that the “bread winner” will most likely loose their job or at best be limited in find one. Because for 10 YEARS insurance companies refuse to let any employer hire a “criminal” who might operate a company vehicle.

    But it’s ok, it is all for our own good and the good of our community, right? It doesn’t matter that it is founded upon LIES and abuse while causing citizens to lose faith and respect for our “supposed” legal system and “supposed” unbiased public servants, right?

    While each and every death due to drunk drivers is a tragic event, it should not be an excuse to LIE while harm “thousands” of families, should it? Truthful and honest Education is the best way to try and prevent these tragedies NOT lies nor a minorities self serving beliefs and agendas, right?

    While I have lost family and friends due to the irresponsible actions of others, I still refuse to be a LIAR!


  3. Rusty White says:

    Ready for a little truth:

    2007 Official Gov’t Statistics:
    Of the 12,998 deaths involving a drunk driver,
    10,792 deaths were the drunk driver or his passenger.

    2,206 were in other vehicles or pedestrians,
    implying that they were all blameless victims. 2,206 is 5% of all traffic fatalities.

    If any of the 2,206 were impaired is not recorded and who was at-fault is never discussed.

    We know that the NHTSA makes up BAC numbers for an average of 60% of the drivers using imputation (statistical probability), so the real numbers will be lower unless they guessed right 100% of the time.

    The government quietly admits that their figures are approximate and that alcohol impairment did not necessarily lead to the fatalities.

  4. Rusty White says:

    OOPS, again!

    The number of DUI arrests in Texas last year should read over 90,000 not 900,000, my bad!:) Still a lot of people suffered and there is no doubt they were not all drunks and a danger to others, is there? Yet they and their families got punished as if they were as bad as real drunks! The resources spent on chasing anybody and everybody could be better spent on real drunks, could it not?


  5. J.D. Goodwin says:

    Did we forget the part where the arrested is UNDERAGE? It IS illegal for him to drink any amount of alcohol and operate a motor vehicle? Maybe we should blame the parents… Instead of the village? Or maybe the pro-athletes he looks up to, that dwi, and kill fellow teammates, then are back playing ball with a mere wristslap…

  6. Adrian Boyd says:

    That is such a misuse of the race card,invite me to your next high stakes poker game.

  7. Rusty White says:


    Seems you have more info than the rest of us? Were they “all” drinking and under age, if so why was only one charged? While I don’t want others lives ruined, if their were more there is no way around “selective” justices and Tammy has some merit to her questions, does she not? I can remember back to my teen years, while it was a long time back. The officer who we all trusted and thought quite a bit of, would pour your beer out and tell you to go home, and if he seen you out again that night “THEN” he took serious steps to get your attention.

    Sadly today, kids are given “life time” criminal records for the same things we did, I find that utterly disgusting! Not only that with this zero tolerance to feed this “witch hunt” anything a kids has ever done is thrown back at him or her! So much for doing your time for your wrongs and starting over, is their any wonder why teen suicides are up across this land? No longer can kids make mistakes AS WE DID, and go on to grow out of them, nope you’re a “criminal” the rest of ones life! Proof of this was in the first post on here about his “ alcohol criminal record, was it not? There has got to be a better way, instead of feeding our kids to this “witch hunt” , right?


  8. Rusty White says:


    While you may be correct about the race issue, “selective” enforcement is going to be hard to get around, is it not???

  9. J.D. Goodwin says:

    Well, the fact that this is his second alcohol related arrest within 6 months, the other by a different entity… He was driving, and had a wreck, and he is 18, (3 years under the legal age to even consume alcohol) he seems to be developing a pattern. Nowhere is it listed that the make passenger had been doing any drinking. Maybe that’s why he was let go? How many times has this guy been let off by the good ol boy cop already? It just makes me shake my head that this woman wants to blame the entire city for this Guy’s “MISTAKE”. I don’t agree with Big government. I don’t want to live in a police state… But how many times do you deer the dwi offender walk away from the crash that killed or maimed the others involved? My sister in law was struck by a drunk driver, and now has a scar from the wreck? Did she deserve that? no. The idiot that was too impaired to drive, took her life (as well as the other people in her truck) into his hands…

    Guess I’m just sick of poor parenting, and wanting to place the blame on someone else…

  10. Rusty White says:


    I still can’t help but believe education and common sense is the answer to our problems, not life time records. I too have lost family and friends to the ignornace and bad judgements of others.

    As for the 18 year old, if he is old enough to fight and die for this country, how is it he isn’t old enought to drink in it? As for poor parenting, even the best parents have kids that do dumb things,don’t they? We need a way to punish those that make mistakes, without ruining the rest of thier lives, do we not? I doubt any of us are saints, and if we had every wrong we ever did following us, few if any would be where we are today, would we?

    Sadly due to this “zero tolerance” crap, and the justified concerns over a minority of drivers making bad choices ALL are being treated just like the idiots, and that just BS in my book!

    There has to be a better way, only trough honest discussions and unbiased ones, will we ever find it. In the days of old those before us and those before them didn’t feel the need to ruin their childrens futures, why is it we do??? Some thing isn’t right!:(

  11. J.D. Goodwin says:


    You know what I like about you? You can remain civil even when someone doesn’t see eye to eye with you.

    I understand the 18 years position, if a man is old enough to carry a pistol for his country, why can’t he carry one in it? If he is old enough to be tried as an adult, why can’t he drink like one?

    I think he should be able to do both (and I don’t drink!).

    There are alot of laws & rules I think should change, but….

    When is there a NEED to consume drugs or alcohol, and then operate a motor vehicle if you are impaired? (as this man appears to have been, albeit the wreck “could have” had an alternative cause)

    The point is, if he is a man at 18, and chooses to act as one. (remember, he IS under the current legal age of consumption (unless accompanied by a legal guardian) and has chosen to act outside the current law as a well raised child would not ordinarily do) then he should be man enough to take responsibility for said action, and any consequences that may go with it.

    Either he has a drinking problem ( which would indicate his parents allowed him to consume enough to facilitate this condition) or, he has a problem with authority ( i.e.: he is a rebellious kid who won’t listen to his good parents) which might indicate that he is a man held accountable by no one, and will do what he sees fit.

    Either way your argument as to ruining our Childrens future seems invalid in this particular case, as he is a man by your standards, and has made his decision as such.
    The time(s) he was charged in the past, may indicate his parents requested action from the police to facilitate their attempts to save his life/future?

    I don’t understand why this lady Want’s to blame the whole village for a mistake made by this man, or his parents one.

  12. Rusty White says:


    Thanks same back at ya, many on here can’t carry on a discussion without turn it in to an attack. You may be right about this young man, I don’t know him nor his background. I too believe if you can give your life for this country, you should be able to enjoy the things your fighting for!

    If it be drugs or alcohol giving young people “life time” records is not the answer. Truth be known claiming ever person who does drugs is out of control and a danger to all, is as lame as claiming all who drink are drunks, is it not?

    I believe in holding people responsible for their actions that effect others, not as it is today which is force all to live by a minorities perceptions of the “right” way to live. Humans have been self medicating from the beginning of time, one also has to ask who owns your body? As well as who owns “GODS” gifts to all many kind, much less has “HIS” permission to use them as weapons against “HIS” flock!

    I wish I knew the answer to our problems, cause if we don’t figure it out we are going to lose a large part of this generation and those to come! The sad truth is there is an ever growing “second class” society growing in this country, with at best limited futures or none at all. That only leaves them the dark side to get what they want, which in turn just keeps feeding the never ending cycle, sad but true!


  13. I don’t care of the kid was white, brown, purple or green, if he was underaged and had over the legal amount of alcohol in his sytem, he should be charged, and he should have his drivers license revoked until he is at least 21. Those are the laws on the books – OBEY THEM. Consuming alcohol isn’t a necessity, and it’s not a right. It’s a priveledge that comes with age, and requires responsibility. It’s completely stupid to defend anybody that doesn’t comply – stupid. You are putting other’s lives at risk, and that is not your right.

    And if the kids shows responsibility and pays his dues, then fine, give him his priveledges back.

  14. Rusty White says:


    Under age is enough to cause action, as to under the legal limit. There is a Bill being voted on as we speake to lower the limit from .08 to .05??? We hear of those being 3 and 4 times over the legal limit now, do we not? If this “unrealistic” limit is passed we will hear of people being 5 and 6 times ovet the limit, which if common sense was used would show the limit is now BS! IMHO

    I do care about “all” those coming behind us not just the “chosen ones”, you can do as you wish! Those before us and those before them didn’t feel the need or threat from thier young, what changed??? Could the change possibly be years of manipulation and illegal access to our law makers by a minority and their self serving special interest groups??? A “witch hunt” knowns no age limit, but sadly it knows who is allowed a break and those that get the book thrown at them, DOES IT NOT? We have all seen the double standards, have we not?

    “”””I say that you cannot administer a wicked law impartially. You can only destroy. You can only punish. I warn you that a wicked law, like cholera, destroys everyone it touches — its upholders as well as its defiers.
    – Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee (Inherit the Wind)”””

  15. Adrian Boyd says:

    Rusty: Agreed, and that is a shame, but I still have a thimble full of faith in the human animal, I prefer to think an accident looking for a place to happen was prevented.

  16. Rusty White says:


    Sadly you are correct to a point, but attempting to hold people accountable for what “might” happen, is against the beliefs this country was founded upon, is it not? When we have a manipulated system that keeps piling on violations after violation what future is left for those making mistakes? There was a time in this country a person young or old could make a mistake and pay for it, and then start over again! That is no longer the case in this country, so those “second class citizens” have no other option, than to feed their families on the dark side, which in turn just keeps feeding the system, does it not?

    There Has Got To Be A better Way, help us find it!


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