Now’s the time for good people to act

By Diane Hughes | Published Saturday, March 16, 2013

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We seem to want to blame Congress or the president for the condition of our country. Whether it be our moral decline as a nation, or the great debt that is consuming America – have you ever considered the person staring back at you in the mirror may have contributed to our national woes?

I am reminded of two famous quotes. The first, by Edmund Burke, states, “Evil prevails when good men fail to act.” The second is found in the pages of “War and Peace” – “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

We want to complain and berate our Congress, but our Congress is the reflection of those who are speaking the loudest. Has your voice been heard? Do you take time to vote? Do you contact your elected officials when you object to a bill or want to support one, or do you just voice your opinion?

I remember a quote from President John F. Kennedy that we Americans should never forget. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Over the years we have forgotten these words. As I have watched the news and listened to the never-ending campaigns, it seems President Kennedy’s words have been twisted to say, “Ask not what you can do for you country, but what your country can do for you.”

These may seem like harsh words, but if there was ever a time for good men to act, it is now! It’s time for fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers to stand up and speak on behalf of our country. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, don’t remain silent, but let your voice be heard.

Those of us who follow Jesus Christ should not be influenced by those who would rob us of our religious freedoms or the right to speak by their ploys of intimidation or threats of lawsuits. We need to see our religious liberties as a precious gift from God, not from men, and to stand up for what is righteous.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Diane Hughes

16 Responses to “Now’s the time for good people to act”

  1. Jim Popp says:


    Very well said. Just the other day a political commentator stated that Congress has only a 19% approval rating overall, but that the people continue to re-elect 90% of the same people to their office at election time. Something sure doesn’t make sense in those figures!

    We just need some good men and women, of both parties, to stand up against the establishment machines of both parties and run against the chosen party candidates. Candidates who have the country’s betterment as their main goal and not a political career. The problem with that is the political division in the country today and the dramatic differences in political ideology right now between the two parties. I’m not sure you could find a Republican who would trust a Democratic candidate enough to vote for him or her, and visa versa. People are really scared right now and the lines have definitely been drawn in the sand between the two ideologies and political mind sets.

  2. Well said Mrs. Hughes as usual.I wish the Messenger would post the email addresses of all legeslators every week so the common man or woman could send in their opinions. I think the reason most people don’t speak up more, is because they don’t know who and how to contact, or just don’t think their opinion would make a difference.

  3. Tracy Smith says:

    I have known and do know several people who are non-christian and are very good. I have known several Christians who aren’t. Your Opinions eludes to state that Christians are the only Good People. Can’t Agree with you Mrs. Hughes.

  4. Diane Hughes says:


    The only place I mentioned Christians is when it came to our religious freedom and the organizations that have made it their mission to rid this nation of any Christian expression in the public square.

    I based this editorial on two main quotes, but there is no mention of Christians other than the last paragraph. In fact, I avoided using the word Christian, but used the followers of Jesus Christ.

    You will need to check with references to find the full intent of Edmund
    Burke and the author of War and Peace, but as usual you missed the full meaning of the letter altogether. Most likely, because you were probably looking for something you might find disagreeable.

    If you find the last paragraph so offensive to you, I suggest you leave it out and reread the letter, perhaps then you might get the full meaning of the letter.

  5. Tracy Smith says:

    I have no problem with Reading Comprehension.

  6. Robert Cox says:

    You said Christian. That drives ’em crazy, Mrs Hughes….had you said Muslim the libs that have hijacked this page would line up to agree with you…..

  7. Diane Hughes says:

    Robert I don’t think the Liberals have hijacked this page. The one thing that I have derived from atheist and some liberals is that they have helped me grow so much in my relationship with the Lord. I find them to be a mystery to all reasonable logic. Why work at keeping strong and healthy citizens of all races in poverty for generations, without giving them the ability to come out of poverty, or giving them the opportunity to earn the living they are freely given. It is what we work for that is most appreciated. Why support the destruction of life in a mother’s womb? As far as atheist, why do they go on and on and on about someone they don’t believe that exist? This too is a mystery to all reasonable logic, at least to me it is.

  8. Ricky Stutt says:

    Well said neighbor. We all need a role model to learn from. You,I and others choose Christ as our role model. A good role model allows people to have standards that are not always what pleases us but is good for now and the future. I read once “everything is acceptable, but not everything is practical”. Your practical is we need to not complain as much, but get involved more. Vote intelligently.
    I will add: if you watch one media source you will get one answer. If you watch three, you will get three answers. Discern what is practical and make the best choice based on a solid set of standards.

  9. Robert Cox says:

    After double checking the letters and comments posted on this page and identifying the players, I stand by my statement that this page has been hijacked by liberals and atheists. One only need to count the letters and comments and see who writes the most and the most offensive. I find your statement that you have derived so much from liberals and atheists that have helped you grow in the Lord fascinating. You readily admit that their thinking defies logic. Are you speaking of the tolerance and patience that they require from you?

  10. Diane Hughes says:


    Thank you neighbor for your comments. The letter was meant to inspire people to get involved in our political process, and community; to make a difference instead of complain. If we haven’t been involved, how can we complain at the results that we see. The letter was written also to encourage those who follow Jesus Christ to stand up for their faith,to be defenders of the faith when groups or individuals try to rewrite our Country’s history by removing Christ from public view. Next time I see you, I will explain, it would take to long here. Thanks again for your comments.

  11. Diane Hughes says:


    They have taught me to love even if we disagree, but at the same time to be stronger in my faith. Your love in Christ will grow the most, when your faith has been tested. The Kingdom of Heaven is a hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, if you know this your heart will change. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy going, but that you are stronger and firmer in your convictions and faith, not weak. A tree stands longer during a storm if it’s roots are deeper, and it’s limbs are flexible and strong, not brittle. It doesn’t bother me if someone hijacks this, at least I know they read it, and I hope it gives them something to think about. Robert I am learning and pressing on. Hope you understand this, and it answers your question.

  12. Tori Raif says:


    You may have no problems with reading Comprehension, but your writing is a mess.

    What on earth does “Your Opinions eludes to state” mean?

  13. Diane Hughes says:


    Tracy never agrees with my writing. I have just dismissed her objection, because she missed the whole point of the letter. Her objection is with the definition of good. I truly wish that all of us Christians were perfectly good all the time, but we are not. Thank the Lord for Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross. It’s not about our works least any man should boast, but it’s about the shed blood of Jesus that covers our sins. He is loving and forgiving, the only perfect One who has ever lived. He is so ready to forgive us when we fail to be perfectly good all the time, or when we sin. All we have to do is repent, ask His forgiveness and follow Him. We cannot earn His forgiveness by our works of piety, it is a heart issue. Love is the key. If we love Him and others our desire is to be good, and do good, but we need His grace to even be able to do that. Being religion can never be a replacement for the Cross of Christ; if that were true Jesus would have never died on the Cross for our sins. There were plenty of religious, pious men in His day, but Jesus could see the conditions of their hearts, and called them a brood of vipers. If we follow Him, love our neighbors and our families then we should let our voices be heard, and be the light and salt He has called us to be. We shouldn’t remain silent. One who loves the Lord will live close to God, obey Him and follow His Son’s example.

    Tracy’s problem with my letter is the definition of a good man. Any man can be a man of good works and do good, but God looks at the heart, and not what man looks at. Tracy’s objection was with what defines a good man, but she missed the point of the letter which was to encourage men to put their faith into action and to stand up for what is right even if it goes against the grain of others. Jesus did.

  14. Diane Hughes says:

    Being religious can never be a replacement for the Cross of Christ.

  15. Tori Raif says:


    I fully understood your point, as did anyone who did not deliberately choose to miss it.
    But I seriously did not understand Tracy’s comment that “Your Opinions eludes to state…” I get that she was disagreeing with you, but the words she used do not make any sense in the context she used.
    I do not mind spirited discussion, but I like to be able to follow it.
    Words have meaning, and sentences have structure. When we misuse the first and jumble the latter, it makes for great confusion on the part of the reader.

  16. Diane Hughes says:

    In any case, I did not elude to or state that Christians were or were not the only Good People. I simply gave a few quotes to encourage good men to not be silent or complain, but to act and let their voices be heard. There is always someone who wants to make an issue where there really isn’t one. God knows the hearts of men whether they are good or evil.

    Perhaps Tracy left out a word or two like I sometimes do, or just used the wrong word. Hope this helps.