Hay blaze gives firefighters a full day

Firefighters from six different departments spent almost 12 hours Wednesday making sure a hay fire didn’t turn into a wildfire north of Chico.

Barn Damaged

BARN DAMAGED – A firefighter sprays water Wednesday on a burned area outside a barn on County Road 1650 just north of Chico. Square bales of hay stacked inside the barn caught fire from a welding spark, and it spread to the outside, igniting grass and round bales on a trailer. Messenger Photo by Joe Duty

Homeowner Will Robinson was welding inside his barn on County Road 1650 just before 11 a.m. when a spark caught in a stack of approximately 2,000 square bales of hay. As he worked to try and extinguish that fire, it spread under the barn’s north wall and ignited a grass fire outside the barn.

Caught in that blaze were several pieces of equipment and a trailer with about six round bales of hay stacked on it.

Once firefighters arrived at the scene just north of Chico, Robinson was able to hook up to a baler and hay rake parked in that area and drag them out of harm’s way. He suffered minor burns on one hand and was treated at the scene by Wise County EMS.

Bales Ablaze

BALES ABLAZE – Round bales of hay burn on a trailer after a fire spread from a nearby barn Wednesday. Firefighters worked most of the day to spread and extinguish the blazing hay. Messenger Photo by Joe Duty

The outside fire was knocked down fairly quickly, but with a little wind and warm, dry conditions, getting the hay to stop burning turned into an all-day exercise for firefighters from Chico, Bridgeport, Crafton, Alvord, Decatur and Runaway Bay.

“There were over 2,000 square bales inside the structure,” Wise County Deputy Fire Marshal J.C. Travis said. “Firefighters really couldn’t get to it because of the intense heat, so we brought in heavy equipment and literally dragged all that hay out into the pasture to the north of the building.”

Travis said firefighters created a firebreak around that area and back-burned inside it to keep the fire from spreading. He and Fire Marshal Chuck Beard were on the scene until around 9 p.m. as firefighters worked to get the blaze contained.

“With square bales being $6 to $7 a bale, we’re talking about $14,000 worth of hay and $40-$50,000 in damage to the barn,” Travis said.

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Basketball: Lady Dragons torch Collinsville

The Chico Lady Dragons went on a 22-5 run in the second quarter Tuesday night and rolled to a 62-42 win over the Collinsville Lady Pirates.

Alli York finished with 21 points. Whitney Renfro added 18 and Cheyanne Hale eight.

Chico improved to 3-7 in District 11-2A.

The Lady Dragons jumped on Collinsville 18-9 in the first quarter and expanded their lead to 40-14 at halftime. Collinsville outscored Chico 25-22 after halftime but still fell way short.

Chico took on second-place Alvord Friday at home. It will face district leader Muenster Tuesday.

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Basketball: Dragons sink shots, Pirates

The Chico Dragons picked up their second win in District 11-2A Tuesday night, sinking Collinsville 47-40.

Chico closed the game with a 13-6 run to win the game that was tied at 34 entering the fourth quarter.

Chico moved to 2-6 in district.

Cameron Weatherly paced the Dragons with 17 points. Jonathan Nabors added 12 and Hagen Davis eight.

Chico pulled ahead 22-17 at halftime. Collinsville used a 17-12 spurt in the third to tie the game.

The Dragons looked for a second straight win at home Friday against rival Alvord. Chico faces the tall task of slowing down second-ranked and 11-2A leader Muenster Tuesday.

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Thanks for celebrating a century

Many thanks to every person who contributed in any way to my 100th birthday celebration.

Thanks to all who came from far and near to attend. The cards, gifts, money, flowers, poems and hugs are priceless. It was nice to see old and young friends at such a happy occasion. There were lots of memories exchanged throughout the day.

My gift from family and friends was the party itself, and I was prepared for that. I wasn’t prepared for the surprise gifts that followed – the proclamation from Judge J.D. Clark; the photo sessions with kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids that made a wonderful album.

The 1933 and 1934 “Lasso” yearbooks from Fort Worth’s North Side High School were a great surprise. I graduated from there 81 years ago, in 1934. Leafing through these books brings back so many memories.

The wonderful “100 Years of Memories” calendar that took a year and a lot of work to produce while being kept secret from me. I appreciate everyone who contributed to it. All of these things I will enjoy throughout my twilight years.

Thanks for the memories.

Ruby Partin

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All for one, one for all; Classmates of Ryan Ruddick will receive scholarships in his honor

An entire class at Chico High School and beyond will have help funding their college or continuing education this fall.

They have their kind hearts to thank for it.

Shared Bond

SHARED BOND – Ryan Ruddick’s parents Noel and LeeAnn (in back) are grateful for the love and support shown over the years by Ryan’s classmates, including (from left) Cody Caraway, Austin Martin, Heidi Spann and Marco Arredondo. The Ruddicks will be giving Ryan’s classmates scholarships in their son’s honor. Messenger Photo by Joe Duty

Thirteen years ago Ryan Ruddick’s parents, Noel and LeeAnn, had a decision to make. Their son, who had muscular dystrophy, was attending school at the special education coop in Bridgeport, but they considered enrolling him in kindergarten in Chico, where they lived.

How would students react to a classmate who had a disability?

“From day one, those kids accepted Ryan for who he was,” Noel said. “They could have outcast him. They could have said, ‘You’re different.’ But they never did.”

Neither Ryan nor his classmates let his disability stand in their way, even when Ryan began using a motorized wheelchair in second grade.

“He was just like the rest of us,” classmate Heidi Spann said. “We didn’t think anything of it.”

The Ruddicks said they are sure the parents of Ryan’s classmates had a lot to do, early on, with encouraging their sons and daughters to accept Ryan as part of their group. But they were impressed that as the students got older, that bond only got stronger.

Their support for Ryan was evident in many ways, including participating in the annual MDA walk to raise awareness of the disease.

“They didn’t have to get up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning to go to a MDA walk, but they did – and a great number of them did,” Noel Ruddick said.

Ryan was a very bright student, earning valedictorian honors from his graduating eighth grade class. His parents said that although he was not able to participate in athletic endeavors, he loved learning and seeing his classmates every day.

In fact, Ryan rarely missed a day of school.

“There were times his heart function was at 5 percent, and he wanted to come to school,” his dad said. “He wanted to be here.”

Just before the end of his eighth grade year, Ryan died. He was no longer with his classmates physically, but he remained in their hearts.

Classmates continued participating in the MDA walk each year in Ryan’s honor. They also helped out with a golf tournament to benefit MDA last year and will do so again this year.

Ryan’s parents have been grateful for the kindness shown by their son’s classmates over the years, and they wanted to give them something to show their gratitude. This fall a scholarship will be available for students to further their education – whether through college or some other means such as technical school.

But it won’t just be a scholarship for one or two graduating seniors. The scholarship will be available to everyone in this year’s graduating class – both those who knew Ryan and those who transferred into the district after Ryan died. It will also be available for students who may have attended school with Ryan in earlier grades, who later transferred to a different school.

In all, close to 60 students will qualify for the scholarship.

Ryan’s mother has a pretty good idea what her son would think of his classmates receiving scholarships in his honor.

“I think he would be thrilled to death,” LeeAnn Ruddick said.

The Ruddicks declined to say the total amount of money that would be included in the scholarships, preferring to keep the spotlight on the good works of Ryan’s classmates.

They were also thankful for the support of the Chico community, particularly the employees of the Ruddicks’ business, Got-To-Go Solutions.

“Ryan was raised in our business, so all of our employees were very acquainted with him,” LeeAnn Ruddick said. “Every year for Christmas the past few years, our employees have given us money to go to the scholarship fund as our Christmas gift, which has been really nice.”

In his valedictory address during the middle school completion ceremony – two weeks before his death in May of 2011 – Ryan encouraged his classmates to be serious about their education and keep their eyes on the goal.

“Grab the education being offered to you with enthusiasm,” he told his classmates.

With the gift of a scholarship in Ryan’s honor, his classmates now have a little extra incentive to act on one of Ryan’s final pieces of advice.

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Chico ISD Student Spotlights for Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Manuel Ibarra

Manuel Ibarra

Grade: 4th

Parents: Manuel and Mayela Ibarra

Favorite subject: Science

Activities: Playing games on his iPhone, reading, playing with siblings

“Manuel is a super student! He works very hard and takes pride in his work. He is also a great friend to everyone and has a huge heart! We are very lucky to have Manuel at Chico Elementary.” – Principal Karen Decker


Logan Hastings

Logan Hastings

Grade: 7th

Parents: Dan and Sheila Hastings

Favorite subject: Science, history and athletics

Activities: Helping Mr. Bland with his cows, playing football with Coach Carter, powerlifting, working with his brother in the shop, playing basketball with friends

“Logan has never been in my office for a discipline problem. He is always willing to do his part and help whereever needed. He is an example of a Chico Dragon.” – Principal Brad Bland


Whitney Renfro

Whitney Renfro

Grade: 10th

Parents: Troyce and Becky Renfro

Favorite subject: Math

Activities: Cross country, basketball, track, cheerleading and reading

“Whitney Renfro is an awesome young lady who gives her best at everything she attempts. She sets high standards and works hard to obtain her goals. She is always friendly and willing to give a helping hand whereever needed. She is dependable and trustworthy, and we are so lucky at Chico High School to have a student such as Whitney who inspires us all to be a person of good character.” – Principal Lisa Slaughter

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Basketball: Bulldogs defeat Valley View

The Alvord Bulldogs stayed within two games of third place in District 11-2A Friday with a big victory over Valley View.

Damon Ledet poured in 19 points as the Bulldogs hammered the Eagles 73-42.

Riley Davila added 11 for the Bulldogs, who improved to 3-4 in 11-2A.

The Bulldogs took on league leader Muenster at home Tuesday. They head to Chico Friday.


The Chico Dragons couldn’t run with the second-place Lindsay Knights Friday.

The Dragons fell to 1-6 in 11-2A with the 55-35 loss.

Chico looked to rebound Tuesday at home against Collinsville in the first game of the second half of league play. The Dragons take on Alvord Friday at home.

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Powerlifting: Lady Dragons take first at Perrin meet

The Chico Lady Dragons won the Perrin Meet Saturday with 25 points.

Ana Rodriguez captured the 97-pound class with a tally of 455.

In the 114 division, Paradise’s Carressa McCasland claimed first with her total of 560. Chico’s Alli York took second with 560 and Haley Pollard third at 555.

Paradise’s Mikeala Beck took first among 123s with 640 pounds.

Chico’s Jessica Redwine totaled 745 to claim the 220-plus class.

Paradise’s Darian Sotomi lifted 1,040 pounds to take second in the 148-pound class in the boys meet.

Sotomi’s finish helped Paradise take ninth as a team.

Grayson Cobb lifted 1,015 pounds for third among 165s.

Bridgeport’s Bronson Burks was the runner-up in the 275-pound class, tallying 1,375. Paradise’s Tanner Edwards was fourth in the division with 1,245.



97: 1. Ana Rodriguez, Chico, 455; 4. Alicia Mendez, Bridgeport, 360

105: 5. Kyndall McCasland, Paradise, 470; 6. Sarah Alexander, Bridgeport, 340; 8. Jennifer Martinez, Bridgeport, 365

114: 1. Carressa McCasland, Paradise, 560; 2. Alli York, Chico, 560; 3. Haley Pollard, Chico, 555

123: 1. Mikeala Beck, Paradise, 640; 3. Taylor Duffey, Northwest, 610; 5. Kailyn Carwile, Paradise, 600; 8. Allison Price, Bridgeport, 540; 11. Kyndal Crisman, Boyd, 515; 13. Hayley Davidson, Bridgeport, 495; 16. Kaityn Gibson, Paradise, 440; 22. Evelyn Torres, Bridgeport, 345

132: 4. Haley Horne, Paradise, 565; 5. Jennifer Martinez, Chico, 550; 7. Raven Leal, Chico, 530

148: 4. Heidi Spann, Chico, 635,; 6. Perla Villanueva, Chico, 580; 7. Jorden Vidal, Chico, 540

165: 4. Aysesha Parr, Chico, 560; 7. Cora Roman, Paradise, 505; 8. Sindi Ortiz, Bridgeport, 500

181: 7. McKenna Flake, Chico, 480; 9. Brooke Vidal, Chico, 455

198: 5. Ashtin Cozby, Boyd, 555

220-plus: 2. Jessica Redwine, Chico, 745


123: 10. Tayce Barber, Boyd, 620

148: 2. Darian Sotomi, Paradise, 1,040; 6. Kalyb Conner, Paradise, 840; 9. Nakoda Mastin, Bridgeport, 740; 12. Brian Munn, Bridgeport, 680; 14. Ryan Dunn, Bridgeport, 680

165: 3. Grayson Cobb, Paradise, 1,015; 5. Roger Mastin, Bridgeport, 1,010; 11. Colten Inglet, Northwest, 905; 14. Lane Morrow, Bridgeport, 790; 16. William Kurnes, Chico, 775

181: 6. Lane James, Northwest, 860; 13. Jacob Slimp, Bridgeport, 795; 14. James Gilbert, Northwest, 775

198: 6. Mike Galindo, Chico, 1,000; 12. Corey Duffy, Northwest, 920; 20. Hector Zargosa, Chico, 700

220: 5. Cody Armstrong, Chico, 945; 7. Channing Hamilton, Paradise, 900; Colt Ryle, Paradise, 815; 11. Brian Woody, Northwest, 535

242: 5. Tyler Jennings, Bridgeport, 1,180; 6. Chance Pierce, Bridgeport, 1,165; 8. Deric Conner, Paradise, 1,160; 15. John Salazar, Chico, 930; 17. Blake Boyd, Bridgeport, 820; 18. Cole Green, Northwest, 800

275: Bronson Burks, Bridgeport, 1,375; 4. Tanner Edwards, Paradise, 1,245; 8. Nate Ramirez, Bridgeport, 910

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Basketball: Alvord shutters Valley View, 75-45

The Alvord Lady Bulldogs rolled to their sixth straight win Friday, blasting Valley View 75-45.

The Lady Bulldogs improved to 15-12 overall and 8-1 in District 11-2A. Alvord went into Tuesday’s game with league leader Muenster with a chance to pull even at the top.

Cierra Rangel led a balanced scoring attack for the Lady Bulldogs Friday, pouring in 16 points with seven rebounds. Katie Claborn added 15 points. Brianna Ponder had 14 points to go along with her team-high nine rebounds.

After Tuesday’s showdown, Alvord heads to Chico Friday.


The Chico Lady Dragons struggled to generate offense Friday against the Lindsay Lady Knights.

Chico fell 62-27 and to 2-7 in District 11-2A play.

Chico tried to rebound Tuesday with a matchup with Collinsville. The Lady Dragons take on Alvord at home Friday.

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Basketball: Era stings Chico

The Era Lady Hornets ran out to a double-digit lead in the first half and never let the Chico Lady Dragons get back in the contest Tuesday.

Chico dropped the game 55-33, falling to 2-6 in District 11-2A.

Alli York led Chico with 13 points. Whitney Renfro added 11. Cheyanne Hale finished with four.

Era led 14-5 after the first quarter and 32-12 at halftime.

Chico took on Lindsay at home Friday. It will play host to Collinsville Tuesday.

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Basketball: Dragons fall to Era

The Chico Dragons couldn’t overcome a slow start Tuesday, falling to Era 57-21.

The Dragons managed only eight points in the first half to Era’s 39.

Jonathan Nabors led the Dragons with eight points. Kalan Johnson added six and Hagen Davis four.

Chico fell to 1-5 in 11-2A with the loss. The Dragons took Lindsay Friday and will face Collinsville Tuesday.


The 14th-ranked Poolville Monarchs cruised past Alvord 99-56 Tuesday.

Alvord fell to 2-4 in 11-2A with the loss. Alvord faced last-place Valley View Friday and will meet league leader and second-ranked Muenster Tuesday.

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Chico School Board extends Jones’ contract; Cost estimates given for possible bond program

The Chico school board voted to extend the contract of Superintendent Mike Jones by the slimmest of margins Monday.

The action came a year after a similar motion failed on a 5-2 vote. This year, it passed by a 4-3 margin.

Two board members, Pancho Redwine and Doug Bowyer, voted in favor of the extension after voting against it last year.

“I just feel like we put some items on the table last year for Mr. Jones to complete, and we feel like he did an excellent job of working on those issues,” said board member Mark Tate, who seconded the motion by Paul Cantrell to extend Jones’ contract back to three years. “I see no reason we shouldn’t extend his contract.”

The three board members who disagreed were board President Bill Hand, G.A. Buckner and Lori Clark.

Jones’ contract now runs through the 2017-2018 school year. The district traditionally waits until summer budget discussions to take action on salary adjustments.


After two years of studying the district’s needs, the board could decide to call a bond election next month. They’ll have to, if they want the election to take place this spring.

On Monday, the board heard from Tony Apel with WRA Architects of Dallas, who has assisted the school as they review facility needs. He provided the board with the latest cost estimates for projects previously identified as the most pressing needs.

The needs are grouped into four different packages. Package A includes security and lighting upgrades at all campuses. That includes cameras and electronic card readers, among other items. The package also includes a total roof replacement and HVAC unit replacement at the middle school. The total estimate for projects in Package A is $1.6 million.

Package B includes a new ag barn facility, new concession stand/restroom facility at the baseball and softball fields and a canopy structure over the existing grandstands at the ballfields. Total cost of Package B is $2.6 million.

Package C includes site upgrades at all campuses including an extended pick-up lane at the elementary, a pedestrian path to school at the middle school and increased parking at the high school. Total cost of this package is $395,520.

Package D includes transportation and technology upgrades. More detailed information was not available by press deadline.

Doug Whitt with Southwest Securities, the district’s financial advisor, presented the board with an analysis of how a possible bond program would affect the district’s tax rate. If the school called a bond election for $7 million, for instance, the estimated increase on the debt service portion of the district’s tax rate would increase approximately 11 cents. Each $1 million increase in the bond package, would equate to a 1.25-cent increase in the tax rate, based on conservative estimates, he explained.

With an 11-cent increase, the owner of a home with a taxable value of $100,000 would expect to see an annual tax increase of $110, or $9.17 per month.

The school board is expected to consider calling a bond election at next month’s meeting.

In other business, the board:

  • recognized students for honors earned during the fall semester;
  • learned the district is saving $275,000 using the services of Education Service Center 11 this year;
  • approved TASB policy updates;
  • voted to continue a resolution supporting the Clean Fleet Policy R14-10; and
  • accepted a $20,000 donation from Noel and LeAnn Ruddick for the Ryan Ruddick Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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Basketball: Chico fall to Lady Eagles

The Valley View Lady Eagles broke open a close game in the fourth quarter Friday against the Chico Lady Dragons.

Valley View went on a 23-6 spurt to end the game in a 59-33 win over the Lady Dragons.

Chico finished the first half of District 11-2A play at 2-5.

Cheyanne Hale led Chico with 12 points. Alli York added 11.

Valley View led 29-17 at halftime. Chico pulled within nine, 36-27, going into the fourth quarter.

Chico looked to rebound Tuesday at Era. The Lady Dragons play Lindsay at home Friday.

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Cecil L. Brooks

Cecil L. Brooks

Cecil L. Brooks, 88, of Chico died Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015, in Bridgeport.

Memorial service is 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 21, at Morris Memorial United Methodist Church in Chico with Pastor Rick Davis officiating. No visitation is planned.

Cecil was born July 21, 1926, in Chico to Charles Alton and Zona (Dickenson) Brooks. He married Echo (Green) Brown March 31, 1965, in Chico. She preceded him in death Dec. 29, 1998. He married Della Hill Dec. 20, 1999; she also preceded him in death Nov. 18, 2014.

He was also preceded in death by his parents, brother Clarence Brooks; and sister Lois Watson.

Cecil ran the Brooks Family Dairy for many years before beginning his career at LaFarge Rock Crusher. After his retirement, he enjoyed spending time in his garden.

He is survived by his sister, Laverne Wiley Green of Decatur; brother-in-law Roy Watson of Fort Worth; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

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Meeting Agendas for Saturday, January 17, 2015

BRIDGEPORT SCHOOL BOARD – The Bridgeport School Board will discuss the start-up costs of a new soccer program at the high school at Monday night’s meeting. The agenda also includes reviewing price quotes for electronic signs on all four campuses, nominations for Wise County Appraisal District board of directors, a review of the district’s Energy Conservation Policy and a discussion about the construction of a new agriculture science barn at the high school. The meeting is 7 p.m. at 2107 15th Street.

CHICO SCHOOL BOARD – The Chico School Board will perform the annual superintendent evaluation and take action on his contract at Monday’s meeting. The agenda also includes a facilities review committee update, a report on the annual cost savings from ESC Region 11, nominations for Wise County Appraisal District board of directors, a monetary donation from Noel and LeAnn Ruddick for the Ryan Ruddick Memorial Scholarship Fund and other regular monthly business. The meeting is 7 p.m. in the Chico Elementary School Cafetorium, 1120 Park Road.

PARADISE CITY COUNCIL – The Paradise City Council will consider whether or not to waive the Paradise Historical Society’s water deposit. The Council will hear reports from the Paradise Economic Development Corp., as well as the Planning and Zoning Commisiion, Water Department and Building Department. The council meets at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

PARADISE SCHOOL BOARD – The board will meet and hold a hearing at 6 p.m., where assistant Superintendant Patti Seckman will present reports on Texas Academic Performance Report, PEIMS Financial Standard Report, Campus Performance Objectives, Violent or Criminal Incidents Report and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Report. Following the hearing the board will have a regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. where the board will discuss a budget ammendment and a district policy update.

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Basketball: York, Chico torch Poolville

Alli York poured in 22 points to pace the Chico Lady Dragons to a 54-37 win over Poolville Tuesday.

Chico moved to 2-4 in District 11-2A with the victory. The Lady Dragons closed the first half league play Friday at home against Valley View. Chico starts the second half Tuesday at Era.

Whitney Renfro joined York in double figures with 10. Cheyanne Hale added seven. Hope Webb and Kylie Marburger had six each.

Chico raced out to a 14-5 lead and built the advantage to 28-12 at the break.

The Lady Dragons doubled up Poolville in the third, 16-8, to build the lead to 44-20.

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Basketball: Poolville downs Chico

Facing a top-15 team for the second straight game Tuesday, the Chico Dragons again came out on the short end.

Poolville, ranked No. 15 in the latest Texas Association of Basketball 2A poll, ran by Chico 68-22.

Chico never managed to score more than seven in a quarter against the tough Poolville defense. Poolville led 17-7 after the first quarter and 37-14 at halftime.

Chico had only three points in the third, falling behind 53-17.

Jonathan Nabors and Cameron Weatherly scored six points apiece for Chico. Hagan Davis added four.

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Basketball: Press keys Muenster win

The Muenster girls used a dogged, trapping defense to starve the Lady Dragons’ offense en route to a 65-32 win at Chico Friday.

The loss dropped Chico to 1-4 in District 11-2A.

Muenster stretched a 16-7 lead after one quarter to 39-17 at halftime, then coasted to the win.

Coach Troyce Renfro said a scoring drought late in the second quarter hurt his team.

“We did some good things tonight, but we had a stretch where they outscored us 12-0 the last two minutes of the first half,” he said. “That really killed us.”

Muenster stole the ball 26 times in the first half, compared to only five in the second. Cheyanne Hale led the Lady Dragons with 14 points, getting inside for some tough baskets. Alli York had eight – including two three-pointers – and Whitney Renfro added five.

Mady Burnett led Muenster with 17 points, most of them coming off steals. Nine players scored for the Lady Hornets, who went 6-for-13 at the free throw line. Chico shot just two free throws in the game.

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Basketball: Muenster pounds Chico boys

Holding tall, talented Muenster to 47 points in four quarters of basketball was a positive at the Chico gym Friday night.

Scoring just four baskets was not, however, as third-ranked Muenster (18-2) pinned a 47-11 loss on the 2-16 Dragons.

“I thought we played really well on defense,” coach Troyce Renfro said after the game. “I was proud of our boys – that’s one of the top teams in the state over there.”

Chico’s Cameron Weatherly hit a 3-pointer just inside the five-minute mark to cut the Muenster lead to 5-3. But it was more than six minutes before the Dragons’ next bucket, when Kalan Johnson slipped inside and scored early in the second.

Muenster held a 26-5 halftime lead and was up 35-7 going into the fourth.

With Johnson at the point, Chico handled Muenster’s press fairly well – but the Hornets defended drives and blocked shots, and their strong defensive rebounding prevented put-back baskets.

Jonathon Nabors scooped in the only Chico points of the third. Kolton Forbus got a bucket in the fourth, and Johnson added two free throws.

Lyndon Cook scored 12 to lead the Hornets.

The Dragons were headed to Poolville Tuesday for a district matchup.

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Basketball: Alvord runs away from Chico

The Alvord Bulldogs held the Chico Dragons to just 12 points in the second half Tuesday, picking up their first victory in 11-2A.

SHOOTING TO WIN – Alvord’s Kory Maag gets off a shot over a Chico defender Tuesday in the Bulldogs’ win. Messenger Photo by Mack Thweatt

The Bulldogs outscored Chico 25-12 in the second half on the way to a 60-35 win.

Joe Randall led Alvord with 15 points. Jaylon White added 13 and Damon Ledet 10.

Alvord moved to 3-6 and 1-1 in the league.

The Bulldogs raced to a 19-11 lead in the first quarter and built the advantage to 35-23 at halftime. They led 49-29 going to the fourth quarter.

Jonathan Nabors paced the Dragons with 10 points. Hagan Davis added eight.

Alvord went to Collinsville Friday and will take on Era at home Tuesday.

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