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Wednesday, August 24, 2016 Edition

2K Crew.jpgChipping In.jpgHere We Go 1.jpgHere We Go 2.jpgHere We Go 3.jpgHere We Go 4.jpgKarate for a Cause 1.jpgKarate for a Cause 2.jpgKarate for a Cause 3.jpgLocal Inspiration.jpgLong Journey.jpgLost in the 50s Tonight.jpgNothing Beats a Good Book.jpgOff to Class.jpgOn the Run.jpgSenior Celebration 1.jpgSenior Celebration 2.jpgSenior Celebration 3.jpgStory Time.jpg_JOE6130.JPGWise County Heritage 1.jpgWise County Heritage 2.jpg

Saturday, August 20, 2016 Edition

Blossoms of Hope 1.jpgBlossoms of Hope 2.jpgGetting to Know You 1.jpgGetting to Know You 2.jpgGetting to Know You 3.jpgGetting to Know You 4.jpgGiving a Challenge.jpgJust Browsing.jpgMeet the Teacher 1.jpgMeet the Teacher 2.jpgOn Opposing Sides.jpgReady for Class 1.jpgReady for Class 2.jpgReady Set Read.jpgStory Time.jpgTalking Shop.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgWelcome Back 1.jpgWelcome Back 2.jpg

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Edition

Crossing the Line.jpgFirst Day Jitters 1.jpgFirst Day Jitters 2.jpgFirst Day Photos 1.jpgFirst Day Photos 2.jpgHayleigh Hutyra.jpgMomma to the Rescue.jpgOff and Running.jpgReady for School 1.jpgReady for School 2.jpgReady for School 3.jpgReady Set Go 1.jpgReady Set Go 2.jpgReady Set Go 3.jpgRolling Out 1.jpgRolling Out 2.jpgRolling Out 3.jpgRolling Out 4.jpgRolling Out 5.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgWise County 4-H.jpg

Saturday, August 13, 2016 Edition

A Day at DHS 1.jpgA Day at DHS 2.jpgBack the Blue 1.jpgBack the Blue 2.jpgBack the Blue 3.jpgBack the Blue 4.jpgEvening Shower 1.jpgEvening Shower 2.jpgFacing a Challenge.jpgMobile Food Unit.jpgPatsy Harris.jpgSilver Bullet.jpgSkeleton Crew.jpgWelcome Fish 1.jpgWelcome Fish 2.jpg

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Edition

Having Fun 1.jpgHaving Fun 2.jpgHaving Fun 3.jpgLooking for Room.jpgMuseum Tour.jpgOff and Running.jpgReady for School 1.jpgReady for School 2.jpgReady for School 3.jpgReady for School 4.jpgServing the Community 1.jpgServing the Community 2.jpgTeam Starfish.jpgWaternmelon Festival.jpg

Saturday, August 6, 2016 Edition

Catching Breath.jpgDry Ground.jpgFirst Contact.jpgFlying High.jpgHere to Serve.jpgLining It Up.jpgMarching To a New Tune.jpgOn Your Mark.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpg

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Edition

Back in Football Business.jpgDoug Whitehead.jpgEarly Days.jpgEncouraging Words.jpgFaces 0.jpgFaces 1.jpgFaces 10.jpgFaces 11.jpgFaces 12.jpgFaces 2.jpgFaces 3.jpgFaces 4.jpgFaces 5.jpgFaces 6.jpgFaces 7.jpgFaces 8.jpgFaces 9.jpgGetting a Grasp.jpgGood Example.jpgHanging On.jpgHappy Returns.jpgHonored at Convention.jpgHonoring First Responders.jpgLooking Ahead.jpgNew Rotarians.jpgOn the Mark.jpgPleasant Surprise.jpgReady for Action.jpgRejoining Ranks.jpgRescued.jpg

Saturday, July 30, 2016 Edition

Back Under Center.jpgBig Happy Family.jpgCamp Chronology.jpgClass By Himself.jpgCome Hungry 1.jpgCome Hungry 2.jpgFun in the Fast Lane.jpgHelping Out 1.jpgHelping Out 2.jpgLighting Up the Night 1.jpgLighting Up the Night 2.jpgLighting Up the Night 3.jpgLighting Up the Night 4.jpgMaking Memories.jpgMotoring On.jpgNeon Speedway 1.jpgNeon Speedway 2.jpgNeon Speedway 3.jpgNightlife.jpgReady to Compete.jpgRight Fit.jpgTournament Time 1.jpgTournament Time 2.jpgTournament Time 3.jpgTournament Time 4.jpg

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Edition

Addington.jpgAll Dressed Up.jpgBrowns.jpgCabin Fever.jpgCarey.jpgCokers.jpgEdwards.jpgFarrow.jpgGage.jpgGet Your Fill 1.jpgGet Your Fill 2.jpgHerb Wiliams.jpgHere to Serve.jpgInternational Convention.jpgKate Orrison.jpgMontgomerys.jpgMurry.jpgNightime Breakfast.jpgOn Watch.jpgPegues.jpgReady for Strong Return.jpgReunion Idol 1.jpgReunion Idol 2.jpgReunion Idol 3.jpgReunion Ready.jpgReunion Revelry.jpgRottners.jpgSchupert and Laird.jpgSecond Time Around.jpgSetting the Course.jpgShelter Volunteer.jpgState Winners.jpgSummer Institute.jpgSusan Williams.jpgTop Prizes.jpgWest Earns Degree.jpgWorking as a Team.jpgWrens.jpg

Saturday, July 23, 2016 Edition

An Illuminating Experience.jpgCenter of Attention.jpgChanging of the Guard.jpgCheers.jpgCleaning House 1.jpgCleaning House 2.jpgEarly Climb.jpgJob Done.jpgOpen House.jpgPicking Up.jpgPowerfule Bat.jpgReady for Business.jpgReady to Help.jpgRespectful Procedure 1.jpgRespectful Procedure 2.jpgShop Local 1.jpgShop Local 2.jpgToken of Appreciation.jpgWarming Up.jpg