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Saturday, February 21, 2015 Edition

A Family Affair.jpgAdding to Collection.jpgAntiques from Arkansas.jpgBack on the Hill.jpgBeautiful Site.jpgChevy Bus.jpgCourtroom Drama.jpgDouble Hyundai Honors.jpgEnd of the Line.jpgEnd of the Season.jpg_JDU0569.JPGGet Well Wishes.jpgGrilling Dinner.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMaking a Strong Pitch.jpgOne Persons Junk.jpg_JDU0476.JPGPast Parade.jpgPie Time 1.jpgPie Time 2.jpgProud Owner.jpgPutting a Ring on It.jpgRising to Challenge.jpgSetting the Pace.jpgSorting Donations.jpgTrying to Make a Comeback.jpgWelcome to the Swap Meet.jpg

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 edition

Big Defense.jpg_JDS6605.JPG_JDS6238.JPGHearts for Hope.jpgHomecoming Royalty.jpgMaking Waves One Last Time.jpgOn the Drive.jpg_JDU0647.JPG_JDU0521.JPG_JDS6115.JPG_JDS6566.JPG

Saturday, February 14, 2015 Edition

Back to Lead the Way.jpgFamily Tradition.jpgGiving Back to the Community.jpgHeart Heroes 1.jpgHeart Heroes 2.jpgHeart Heroes 3.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMaking a Move.jpgMatters of thr Heart.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRising to Occasion.jpgStepping Up.jpg

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Edition

Aging Well.jpgAinsley Mae and Berry White.jpgAll Hands on Deck.jpgAvery and Brian Reuter.jpgBattling Inside.jpgDancing with Daddy 0.jpgDancing with Daddy 1.jpgDancing with Daddy 2.jpgDancing with Daddy 3.jpgDancing with Daddy 4.jpgDancing with Daddy 5.jpgDriving for Two.jpgFlying to Gold.jpgGuiding the Way.jpgHeaded to Post Season.jpgJeff and Skylar Sicking.jpgLeading the Charge.jpgMaking the Rounds.jpgMighty Women.jpgReagan Taylor and Wayne Baber.jpgScout and Chris Fernihough.jpgShow Ring Skills.jpgShowing How Its Done.jpgStealing a Win.jpgSuccessful Show.jpgTaking Aim.jpgTight Defense.jpgTradition of Excellence.jpg

Saturday, February 7, 2015 Edition

Banded.jpgBattling Inside.jpgData Collection.jpgFinal Tribute.jpgFor the Record.jpgFull House.jpgGoing in Headfirst.jpgLetting Loose.jpgListening In.jpgLooking for Results.jpgMaking the Plunge.jpgMaking Their Mark.jpgMonitoring Your Sleep.jpgOn the Stampede.jpgOne Nights Stay.jpgPartners.jpgPassing Another Test.jpgReturning to Form.jpgRight Touch.jpgSaying Goodbye.jpgTwin Power.jpg

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Edition

Big Winner.jpgComforting Hearts.jpgComing Up Short.jpgControlling the Action.jpgCorporate Business Leader Award.jpgDecatur Chamber Honorees.jpgGoing Up Strong.jpgHelping Hands.jpgHumanitarian Award.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMovie Minded 1.jpgMovie Minded 2.jpgMurder on the Fairway.jpgOutstanding Citizen.jpgPerson of the Year.jpgPlotting the Course.jpgPresedential Award.jpgTaking a Shot.jpgTeam Effort.jpg

Saturday, January 31, 2015 Edition

Abe Huerta.jpgBlanket Coverage.jpgChanging of the Guard.jpgCole Vaughn.jpgComing Up Short.jpgCool Calm and Collected.jpgDaily Reminder 1.jpgDaily Reminder 2.jpgEmmanuel Moore.jpgGet on the Horse.jpgHeroes Honor.jpgJoe Randall.jpgJustin Meyers.jpgKeenan Holdman.jpgKept Away.jpgLeading the Way.jpgLibrary Dedication 1.jpgLibrary Dedication 2.jpgLooking for Space.jpgMaking a Stop.jpgOnt he Drive.jpgOpen Lane.jpgStaying Together 1.jpgStaying Together 2.jpgTough to Stop.jpgWorking Inside.jpg

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Edition

Farm Girl.jpgFrom the Diamond to the Show Ring.jpgGolden Smile.jpgHeaded for Gold.jpgHistoric Occassion.jpgKnocked from Top.jpgMain Streets of North America.jpgMedal Collectors.jpgOff to a Glowing Start.jpgOn her Game.jpgReady to Hit the Hardwood.jpgReturning for Win.jpgRising to Occasion.jpgShared Bond.jpgStanding Together.jpgStrong Finish.jpg

Saturday, January 24, 2015 Edition

Conducting Bust Schedule.jpgGoing Up.jpgIn a Tight Spot.jpgLosing a Handle.jpgNo Sitting Out.jpgPacked House.jpgReady for the Show.jpg_JDS2778.jpgSharing Science 1.jpgSharing Science 2.jpgShredding Away Indetity Theft.jpgSmooth Sailing.jpgStill Standing.jpg

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Edition

All-State Singer.jpgCaught in a Trap.jpgGliding to the Basket.jpgGrowing Plants and a Program.jpgMaking a Splash.jpgShow Pigs.jpgThanks a Bunch.jpgThis Thing is Legendary.jpg