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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Behind the Wheel.jpgBoyd Builders.jpgComputer Reflection.jpgFebruary Students of the Month.jpgMaking a Sacrifice.jpgMarches Best.jpgMud Run.jpgOn Level Field.jpgOut at Home.jpgPrize Winning Steer.jpgReady to Fire.jpgRecruiting Members.jpgTaking Center Stage.jpg

Saturday, March 21, 2015 Edition

Back on the Court.jpgCollecting Signatures.jpgDown the Stretch.jpgFinishing Up.jpgHard Hitter.jpgMaking a Strong Pitch.jpgName That Book 1.jpgName That Book 2.jpgOut of There.jpgReady to Lead.jpgRounding the Corner.jpgRunning Away.jpgSigning on the Line.jpgSomething to Sing About.jpgSpring Showers 1.jpgSpring Showers 2.jpgUp and Over.jpgWinning Return.jpgWinning Start.jpg

March 18, 2015 Youth Fair Results Special Section

A Big Class.jpgBirds of a Feather.jpgCamo Goat.jpgCover.jpgFamily Outing.jpgFurry Friend.jpgLittle Helpers.jpgPoultry Picks.jpgPrize Poultry.jpgRaedy and Waiting.jpgShow Ready.jpg

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Edition

Art Show Champions.jpgArtful Pose.jpgBest Baker.jpg_JDU7066.JPG_JDU7063.JPGClothing Winners.jpg_JDS2824.JPGCraft Winners.jpgCrafty Winner.jpgDictionary Delivery 1.jpgDictionary Delivery 2.jpg_JDU6878.JPGEyes on the Prize.jpgFCCLA Prizes.jpg_JDU6966.JPGFloral Arrangement.jpgFlying High.jpgFood Winners.jpg_JDS1480.JPG_JDU6706.JPGMaking Their Case.jpgMoving Ahead.jpg_JDS3053.JPGPhotography Winners.jpg_JDU6954.JPGReady to Run Lift.jpg_JDU6768.JPGSafety First.jpgStampede to the Top 1.jpgStampede to the Top 2.jpgTop Craft.jpgTop Honors.jpgTop Photos.jpgVictorious.jpgWinning Smiles.jpgYoung Photographers.jpg

Saturday, March 14, 2015 Edition

_JDU5992.JPG_JDS1706.JPGBumpy Road.jpgBuried News.jpgFan Support.jpg_JDS1640.JPGFighting for Ball.jpgFramed Memories.jpgHands Up.jpgHistory Buff.jpgHolding On.jpgIn Safely.jpgMaking a Pitch.jpgOut at Home.jpgRebound Action.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpg_JDS1791.JPGService Identification.jpgStories of War.jpgTop Honors.jpgUsing His Head.jpg

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Edition

2015 Youth Fair Scholarship Recipients.jpgA Cut Above.jpgAll in the Family.jpgBaseball Collection.jpgDoing the Heavy Lifting.jpgEntering the Ring.jpgGetting Inside.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMaking New Friends.jpgNew Experience.jpgOval Office.jpgReaching the Top.jpgReserve Champion Steer.jpgRoy Young Memorial Scholarship.jpgShow of Emotion.jpgShow Time.jpgSmith Shines.jpgThrill of Victory.jpgTo State.jpgUnbridled Excitement.jpgYouth Fair Presidents Recognized.jpg

Saturday, March 7, 2015 Edition

A Scientific Mind.jpgBattling Back.jpgBeautiful Scenery.jpgBraving the Cold.jpgChampion Speller.jpgClearing a Path.jpgFrozen Field.jpgGetting a Share.jpgGiving It a Boot.jpgGrand Champion.jpgHelping to Steal Win.jpgKeeping Drivers Safe.jpgLeading the Way.jpgPast Winners.jpgPerfect Addition.jpgProcedure Prep.jpgQuiet Morning.jpgReaching for the Top.jpgRight Class.jpgRight Fit.jpgRoad to Recovery.jpgTaking Flight.jpgWinter Walk.jpg

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 Edition

Breaking Down the Distance.jpgClark Talk.jpgDeputy of the Year.jpgFace to Face.jpgFast Finisher.jpgHats Off.jpgHigh School Roadway.jpgLooking for More Medals.jpgMore Winter Weather.jpgMoving Ahead.jpgPraise for a Teacher.jpgReaching the End.jpgReady to Fly.jpgRook Ramsey Award.jpgShooting Star.jpgStrong Drive.jpgUp and Over.jpgWatch for Flying Discs.jpgWeathering the Storm.jpgYouth Fair Queens.jpg

Saturday, February 28, 2015 Edition

Coming Up Short.jpgDrive Safe.jpgEnd of the Line.jpgFighting to Finish.jpgFinal Product.jpgFlying High.jpgHappy To Go Home.jpgMedal Collecting.jpgMeeting Fresh Challenge.jpgReading With an Officer.jpgRobotic Action.jpgSchools Out.jpgShovelling Sand.jpgSnow Angel.jpgSnow Day.jpgStandstill Traffic.jpgWinning Smiles.jpgWise Hope Has Wheels.jpg

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Edition

All Smiles.jpgBond with Big Cats.jpgDaddys Girl.jpgFollowing Daddys Lead 1.jpgFollowing Daddys Lead 2.jpgFollowing Daddys Lead 3.jpgHitting the Road.jpgHome Sweet Home.jpgJumping Into Action.jpgLeading the Charge.jpgMajor Awards.jpgPut on Ice.jpgRising to Occasion.jpgWatching the Show.jpgWinter Wonderland 1.jpgWinter Wonderland 2.jpgYouve Got a Friend in Me.jpg