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Saturday, August 29, 2015 Edition

A True Honor.jpgBack to Work.jpgBig Man Up Front.jpgBreaking Through.jpgCruising to Finish.jpgDeans Last Day.jpgDouble Grand Prize.jpgEmpty Desks.jpgFamily Fun 1.jpgFamily Fun 2.jpgHands Up.jpgHes My Brother.jpgMaking a Grab.jpgMaking Good Time.jpgNearing the End.jpgNo Wings Needed 1.jpgNo Wings Needed 2.jpgNowhere to run.jpgRaising the Flag.jpgRising to Challenge.jpgScampering for Yards.jpgSetting a Block.jpgStarting a New Year.jpgStill Going.jpgTaste of Wise 2.jpgTaste of Wise 3.jpgTrying to Get Free.jpgWinning Start.jpg

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Edition

Back for a Third Time.jpgBack to School Butterflies 1.jpg_JDU4497.JPGBuzzing Hallways.jpgCowboy Up 1.jpgCowboy Up 2.jpgCowboy Up 3.jpgEarly to Rise.jpgFootball Frenzy.jpgLast First Day.jpg_JDU4099.JPGLeading the Way.jpgLooking for Contact.jpg_JDU4961.JPGOn the Charge.jpgOne Last Hug.jpg_JDU4126.JPGPatriotic Spirit.jpgReady to Shine.jpg_JD66424.JPG_JDS9751.JPGStrong Start.jpg_JD66387.JPGTeary Start.jpg

Saturday, August 22, 2015 Edition

Diving for the Ball.jpgEyes on the Ball.jpgKicking Off the School Year.jpgLast Second Shopping.jpgLazy Days.jpgLooking for Running Room.jpgPassing Through 1.jpgPassing Through 2.jpgPool Guys.jpgReady to Go.jpgSetting Up a Point.jpgSurprise Finding.jpgVital Components.jpg

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Edition

Clear the Shelter.jpgFast Start.jpgFurry Friend.jpgGetting Checked Out.jpgHard Hitting Start.jpgHometown Scribe 1.jpgHometown Scribe 2.jpgLeading the Pack.jpgOff and Running.jpgReady to Take Flight.jpgRisky Business.jpgRodeo Fun.jpgSolid Foundation 1.jpgSolid Foundation 2.jpgSurrounded.jpgWrapped Up.jpg

Wednesday, August 15, 2015 Edition

Al Out Effort.jpgHitting High Notes.jpgLeap for Learning 1.jpgLeap for Learning 2.jpgLeap for Learning 3.jpgLeaving a Legacy 1.jpgLeaving a Legacy 2.jpgLocal Campus.jpgMaking a Move.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgServing and Singing.jpgSetting a Block.jpgWinning Work.jpg

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Edition

Gear Grows Up.jpgGood First Impression.jpgMobile Salon.jpg_JD63290.JPG_JD63375.JPGRising to Challenge.jpgShopping Experience 1.jpgShopping Experience 2.jpgShopping Experience 3.jpg

Saturday, August 8, 2015 Edition

Blocking the Path.jpgDirty Work.jpgDog Days 1.jpgDog Days 2.jpgFrench Horn.jpgLooking Ahead.jpgReturning to Form.jpgSpeaking Up.jpgWise Has a Fever.jpg

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 Edition

4H Awards.jpgBoys of Fall.jpgClub Recognized.jpgHands On Teaching.jpgHanging Out 1.jpgHanging Out 2.jpgHis Turf.jpgI Dare You.jpgMaking a Grab.jpgNutrition Knowledge.jpgPath to Recovery.jpgQuick Break.jpgReady to Go.jpgReady to Start.jpgStanding Tall 1.jpgStanding Tall 2.jpgTop Leader.jpg

Saturday, August 1, 2015 Edition

Cooling Off.jpgHard at Work.jpgHonored Guests.jpgLocal Government 101.jpgNew Task.jpgSeason of the Snake 2.jpgSeason of the Snake.jpgTwisting Turns.jpg

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Edition

Danced with Dogs.jpgFamilar Face.jpgFamily Fun.jpgFlash Mob.jpgLibrary Grant.jpgLosing Money.jpgMaking Money.jpgNext Generation.jpgReady for Challenge.jpgReturning to Court.jpgShut Up and Dance.jpgToo Much of a Good Thing.jpgWorking for the Weekend.jpg