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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Edition

Chasing the Win.jpgCruisin Days 1.jpgCruisin Days 2.jpgExcellent Bands 1.jpgExcellent Bands 2.jpgExcellent Bands 3.jpgFamily Signing.jpgFilling a Need.jpgGetting Back on Track.jpgGoing Up.jpgHeaded to the Finals.jpgHeading to Area.jpgHolding On.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMoving On.jpgProud to Vote.jpgPulling Away.jpgRide Em Cowboy.jpgRoyalty.jpgRunning Away.jpg_JDU2673.JPG_JDU1920.JPGSpacious Gym.jpgStrike Up the Bands 1.jpgStrike Up the Bands 2.jpgTop Citizen.jpg

Saturday, October 18, 2014 Edition

Basic Transportation.jpgCatch the Fever.jpgFamily Time.jpgFighting Them Off.jpgGolden Voice.jpgIt All Started Here.jpgLaunching Consultation.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMeet and Greet 1.jpgMeet and Greet 2.jpgOut of Reach.jpgQuick Exit.jpgRaising Awareness.jpgRunning Room.jpgStepping Up.jpgWe Are Family.jpg

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Edition

All Alone.jpgAll Smiles.jpgAlvord Royalty.jpgBreaking Free.jpg_JDU2173.JPGDog Gone Good Time.jpgForward March.jpgFresh Buys.jpgGetting Healthy.jpgHome Fire Burning.jpgMarching Along.jpgOpen Space.jpgPink Out.jpg_JDU6957.JPGPulling Through.jpgRunning to Win.jpgSide-by-Side.jpgUp for Grabs.jpg

Saturday, October 11, 2014 Edition

Bad Moon Rising.jpgCalm Before the Storm.jpgFired Up.jpgKeeping the Balloon Off the Floor.jpgNational Night Out 2.jpgNational Night Out 3.jpgNational Night Out.jpgPack of Dogs.jpgPassion for Game.jpgRejection.jpgStroing Defense.jpgSurging Ahead.jpgToken of Appreeciation.jpgUp and Over.jpgWARM Smiles.jpg

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Edition

Alvord Homecoming Candidates.jpgBlessed.jpgFast Fun.jpgHelping the Homeless.jpgHot Wheels.jpgI Wanna Go Fast.jpgInvasive Species.jpgLeading the Pack.jpgLions Gogo Combine for Fundraiser.jpgNational Recognition.jpgPositive Returns.jpgPrepping for Red Ribbon Week.jpgPretty in Pink.jpgPulling Away.jpgRide Along.jpgRunning Away.jpgTough Man to Stop.jpgTractor Rides.jpg

Saturday, October 4, 2014 Edition

A Mothers Love.jpgBack Ink.jpgCourtroom Drama.jpgDefendant.jpgFamily Bond.jpgInk Conflict.jpgIntergral Pieces.jpgKeeping It Alive.jpgLasting Memento.jpgLights Camer Action.jpgMonkey Business.jpgPretty in Pink.jpgReady to Travel.jpgRetirement Plan.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRowdy Visitors.jpgRunning Into History.jpgSpiritual Rally.jpgTaking Aim at Top.jpgTattoed Love.jpg

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Edition

All Out Effort.jpgBreaking Out.jpgBuilding Success.jpgBull Robotics.jpgCant Miss.jpgClub Hosts Author.jpgDream Team.jpgFloating Along.jpgFresh Steps.jpgFunny Business.jpgGiddy Up.jpgGood Times.jpgGot Talent.jpgHolding On.jpgI Robot.jpgLearning Through Laughter.jpgMan in Control.jpgOutstanding Students.jpgPioneer Days.jpgReady for His Close Up.jpgRiding Proud.jpgSlow Ride.jpgSweet Tooth.jpgUnder the Hood.jpgWinning Form.jpg

Saturday, September 27, 2014 Edition

Big Sandy Flight.jpgClowning Around.jpgEagle Pride 1.jpgEagle Pride 2.jpgEagle Pride.jpgExtra Points.jpgEye on the Mark.jpgFast Start.jpgIn the Open Field.jpgJump for Joy.jpgKnocking It Away.jpgMaking the Save.jpgMasked Avengers.jpgOn Course Together.jpgQ and A Time.jpgRandall with the Carry.jpgStorming the Field.jpgTearful Goodbye.jpgTrying to Break Free.jpgUnstoppable.jpgUp in Arms.jpgWalking Tall.jpgWall of Honor.jpg

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Edition

Blazing a Trail.jpgBlocking the Way.jpgBoyd Runners.jpgCommunity Project.jpgCultivating Pride.jpgDazzling Moments.jpg_JDU5670.JPGDigging It.jpgFun in the Sun.jpgGamma Members Recognized.jpgGiving Support.jpgHired Hands.jpgHomecoming Queen.jpgHomecoming Royalty.jpgLeading the Way.jpgLive Action.jpg_JDU5253.JPGMarching to Their Own Beat.jpgOff and Running.jpgOff the Court.jpgPinwheels for Peace 1.jpgPinwheels for Peace 2.jpgPresident Hosts Meeting.jpgReady to Clash.jpgRiding Tall.jpgSaving the Earth.jpgStepping Up.jpgSweet Fun.jpgThird Graders with Jobs.jpgTourny Champs.jpg

Saturday, September 20, 2014 Edition

Around the Corner.jpgBoyd Extra 1.jpgConstitution day 1.jpgConstitution day 2.jpgConstitution day 3.jpgDancing in the Streets 1.jpgDancing in the Streets 2.jpgDancing in the Streets 3.jpgDancing in the Streets 4.jpgDead Pair.jpgDecatur Extra 1.jpgDecatur Extra 2.jpgDecatur Extra 3.jpgDecatur Extra 4.jpgDecatur Propane.jpgGiving a Challenge.jpgJumping for Joy.jpgLooking for Votes.jpgParadise Extra 1.jpgParadise Extra 2.jpgPositive Switch.jpgReaching Out.jpgStocking Up.jpgSurrounded.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgUnited Way.jpgUp in the Air.jpgWrapped Up.jpg