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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Edition

Artist at Work.jpgBack in Action.jpgBefore and After 1.jpgBefore and After 2.jpgBridgeport Students of the Month.jpgBroken Sanctuary 1.jpgBroken Sanctuary 2.jpgDamage Done.jpgDay of Service.jpgDecatur Students of the Month.jpgDigging It.jpgDoggone Cute 1.jpgDoggone Cute 2.jpgDoggone Cute 3.jpgDoggone Cute 4.jpgDoggone Cute 5.jpgFans in the Stands.jpgGood Lizard.jpgLevelled.jpgMaking a Play.jpgNatural Classroom.jpgOff to the Races.jpgPink Out 1.jpgPink Out 2.jpgPretty Pumpkin.jpgRebuilding Project 1.jpgRebuilding Project 2.jpgRunning in a Pack.jpgSunshine and Shopping.jpgThriving in New Spot.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgUnder Construction.jpgWelcome Fall 1.jpgWelcome Fall 2.jpgWelcome Fall 3.jpg

Saturday, October 8, 2016 Edition

Checking Speed.jpgClimbing to Top.jpgDazzling Duds 1.jpgDazzling Duds 2.jpgDazzling Duds 3.jpgDazzling Duds 4.jpg_JOE2487.JPGFamily Connection.jpgGoing All Out.jpgGoodwill Get Together 1.jpgGoodwill Get Together 2.jpgGoodwill Get Together 3.jpgHitting the Road.jpgHowdy Folks.jpgOn the Chase.jpgPink Ladies.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRunning Room.jpgShow of Support.jpg

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 Edition

Best in Show.jpgjulies newark crusin days048.JPGBulldog Homecoming 1.jpgBulldog Homecoming 2.jpgBust a Move.jpgDirecting Extra Points.jpgFriday Night Light.jpgGame Face.jpgGoing All Out.jpgHomecoming Royalty 1.jpgHomecoming Royalty 2.jpgIn the Kitchen.jpgMessenger on Tour.jpgRunning Away.jpgShiny Things 1.jpgShiny Things 2.jpgStill Standing.jpgStrong Together.jpgTractor Parade.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgVictory Royalty.jpg

Saturday, October 1, 2016 Edition

Award Winning Photo.jpgBig Show.jpgBlocking the Path.jpgChanging Approach.jpgCrowded.jpgDragging Down.jpgFaith of a Child 1.jpgFaith of a Child 2.jpgFields of Faith.jpgFull House.jpgIn His Grasp.jpgMaking the Grab.jpgMr President.jpgNowhere to Go.jpgOrganizing for a Cause.jpgPumpkin Madness 1.jpgPumpkin Madness 2.jpgReaching Out.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRumbling Along.jpgSprinting Forward.jpgStrong Start.jpgWish Granted.jpg

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Edition

Chico Royalty.jpgDay of the Dragons 1.jpgDay of the Dragons 2.jpgDigging It.jpgFall Fest.jpgFinding Balance.jpgHomecoming Court.jpgHomecoming Nominees.jpgMaking a Grab.jpgMoving Forward.jpgParadise Homecoming.jpgRedmembering Coach 1.jpgRedmembering Coach 2.jpgRoad Warrior.jpgShow of Support Joe.jpgShow of Support.jpgStretching Out the Kinks 1.jpgStretching Out the Kinks 2.jpgWe Won.jpg

Saturday, September 24, 2016 Edition

All Smiles-c48.jpgBreaking Free-c31.jpgBurning Spirit-c82.jpgCelebration Time-c89.jpgDealing An Ace-c16.jpgDraw with Me 1-c3.jpgDraw with Me 2-c29.jpgGathering Around-c96.jpgGiving Back-c74.jpgGrand Opening-c99.jpgHigh Five-c94.jpgKeeping Bragging Rights 1-c64.jpgKeeping Bragging Rights 2-c47.jpgLooking Out.jpgMoving On.jpgMud Sweat and Gears 1.jpgMud Sweat and Gears 2.jpgRivarly Renewed.jpgSticking the Landing.jpgTough Defense.jpg

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Edition

Big Play Guy.jpgBridgeport Royalty.jpgCelebrating Constitution Day.jpgComing Together.jpgConvoy.jpgGame Face Joe.jpgGame Face.jpgGetting Ahead.jpgHomecomign Nominees.jpgHomecoming Nominees.jpgLeading the Way.jpgNew Officers.jpgOlympic All-Stara 1.jpgOlympic All-Stara 2.jpgPanther Homecoming.jpgParadise Pride.jpgPoint for Celebration.jpgSpirit and Service.jpgTour and Lunch.jpgWalk Through.jpg

Saturday, September 17, 2016 Edition

Crazy Hat Day 1.jpgCrazy Hat Day 2.jpgGiving Back.jpgGiving Chase.jpgHappy Times.jpgIguana Girl.jpgIn Tow.jpgInstructions Not Included.jpgLaying Out.jpgMini Rods.jpgProject Car.jpgSetting Team Up for Success.jpgSwearing In.jpgTall Tales.jpgWrapped Up.jpg

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Edition

At the Goal Line.jpgClearing the Way.jpgClose Contact.jpgDriving Around.jpgFill Er Up 1.jpgFill Er Up 2.jpgFlowers and Smiles.jpgGearing Down 1.jpgGearing Down 2.jpgHonoring First Responders 1.jpgHonoring First Responders 2.jpgLoaded Couch.jpgMarching On.jpgReaching Out 1.jpgReaching Out 2.jpgShow of Spiritual Support.jpgSquad Goals.jpgStanding Out.jpgTaking a Swing.jpgTrying to Hold On.jpgWrapping Up.jpg

Saturday, September 10, 2016 Edition

Doing Good.jpgDonuts with Grandpa 1.jpgDonuts with Grandpa 2.jpgFamily Ties 1.jpgFamily Ties 2.jpgGiving An Assist.jpgHonor Guard.jpgNew Stage 1.jpgNew Stage 2.jpgOn the Chase.jpgPrototype 1.jpgPrototype 2.jpgRallying Together.jpgRunning Away.jpgSetting the Pace.jpgTaking Flight.jpgTough Challenge.jpg