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Saturday, August 23, 2014 Edition

Camera Ready.jpgCool Wet Fun.jpgDual Threat.jpgFamily Shock.jpgGiving a Challenge.jpgGood Hands.jpgGrabbing a Piece of History.jpgGroup Effort.jpgLifesaving Machine.jpgTough at the Net.jpgUnbridled Enthusiasm.jpgVisual Evidence.jpg

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 Edition

Celebrating Back to School 1.jpgCelebrating Back to School 2.jpgClub of the Year.jpgFlying to Finish.jpgFriends of .jpgHard at Work'.jpgHello Kitty.jpgLeader of the Year.jpgLooking for Room.jpgMaking Preparations 1.jpgMaking Preparations 2.jpgOver the Top.jpgReaching Out.jpgSpecial Donation.jpgTop Honors.jpg

Saturday, August 16, 2014 Edition

All Wired Up.jpg10.19.2013 - HSU @ ETBUBaby Harley.jpgBright Finish.jpgBringing Him Down.jpgCowboy Up.jpgDigital Digits.jpgDistinguished Citizen.jpgDoors Open.jpgDouble Rainbow.jpgHarley and Anna Baker.jpgLeaders of the School.jpgOrientation Characters.jpgPowerful Mid-Size.jpgSchool Shoes 1.jpgSchool Shoes 2.jpgSigning Support.jpgSupporting One Another.jpgWorking Together.jpg

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Edition

Chasing It Down.jpgCloggers Take Center Stage.jpgDeputies to Get New Weapons.jpgDuelling for Job.jpgEyes on the Ball.jpgHauling It In.jpgJust Like the Old Days.jpgService Recognized.jpgTeaching Honor.jpgWatermelon Style.jpg

Saturday, August 9, 2014 Edition

Battle in the Trenches.jpgBattle Scars.jpgDown the Middle.jpgGoing Back to Work.jpgLife Pack.jpgLove of Family.jpgOrder Up.jpgRushing Into Year.jpgSign Installed At Last.jpgSure Hands.jpgView from the Top.jpg

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Edition

Blocking Together.jpgContested Shot.jpgEarly to Work.jpgFinish Line.jpgFrightening Friends.jpgGetting a Grip.jpgGoing Places.jpgGreg Fletcher.jpgHarold Colson.jpgHopping to Start.jpgJeff Russell.jpgJoining the Ranks.jpgKristin Gage.jpgLooking for the Big Ones.jpgMark Mathis and Rayma Young.jpgMichael Thurman.jpgNo Position Battle.jpgPedalling for a Cause.jpgRobyn Gibson.jpgSnap To It.jpgTaking a Break.jpgWelcome Home.jpg

Saturday, August 2, 2014 Edition

Bound for Tennesee.jpgGearing Up.jpgIn a New Ballgame.jpgIntricacies of Nature.jpgNeed a Home.jpgNew Scheme.jpgWelcome Rain.jpg

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Edition

Fun Ride.jpgHappy Camper.jpgLounging Around.jpgNew Era Rising.jpgPreparing for a New Year.jpgReunion Royalty.jpgRound and Round.jpgSet for Season.jpgStarting Early.jpgTying Up a Win.jpgYou Get It.jpg

Saturday, July 26, 2014 Edition

Awash in Pitchers.jpgBiking for a Cause.jpgCharging Forward.jpgDigging Deep.jpgGetting an Early Start.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRunning Start.jpgSizzling Scene 1.jpgSizzling Scene 2.jpgWater Safety.jpgWorth the Trip.jpg

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Edition

Best Camps.jpgCrusing Through Wise.jpgLike Christmas 1.jpgLike Christmas 2.jpgNow a Kangaroo.jpg_JDU5685.JPGSurrounded.jpgToddlers and Tiaras 1.jpgToddlers and Tiaras 2.jpgToddlers and Tiaras 3.jpgToddlers and Tiaras 4.jpg