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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Edition

1000 Miles Till Home.jpg8 Seconds.jpgA Tough End.jpgAlmost Back to Normal.jpgBad Sign.jpgCasting a Line.jpgConstruction Zone.jpgIf You Build It.jpgIn Honor.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMan on the Mound.jpgMilitary Connection.jpgNew Sidewalks on the Way.jpgScholarship Recipients.jpgSomber Rememberance.jpgStudents of the Month.jpg

Saturday, May 23, 2015

_JDS2933.JPGArena Orthopedics.jpgArtfully Happy.jpgBack in the Middle of the Action.jpgBlueSky Wellness.jpgFighting to the End.jpgGentle Giant.jpgHelping Hand.jpgSouthern Tire Mart.jpgStrong Finish.jpgTop Billing.jpg_JD64157.JPG_JD64149.JPG

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Edition

A Hard Out.jpgCall to Action.jpgDown to the Wire.jpgEarned Run.jpgFighting Through Traffic.jpgFondly Remembered.jpgGo Long.jpgInspiring Young Minds.jpgLast Turn.jpgPlay at the Plate.jpgRainy Work 1.jpgRainy Work 2.jpgStriding to Finish.jpgTough Loss.jpgTwo Time Champion.jpg

Saturday, May 16, 2015 Edition

Caught in the Middle.jpgConcentrate 1.jpgConcentrate 2.jpgElder Shines.jpgFeatured Artwork.jpgFuture Fighfighters 1.jpgFuture Firefighters 2.jpgGolden Finish.jpgLights Out.jpgProving Grounds.jpgRainy Day Women.jpgReady to Roll.jpgRoof Clips 9 Feet.jpgSecond Passion 1.jpgSecond Passion 2.jpg

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 Edition

All Smiles 1.jpgAll Smiles 2.jpgAssist.jpgBig Finish.jpgCaitlin Pruitt 1.jpgCaitlin Pruitt 2.jpgCaitlin Pruitt 3.jpgCelebration.jpgCloser Together.jpgFlowing Downhill.jpgGathering on the Lawn.jpgJacob Suchors 1.jpgJacob Suchors 2.jpgJoe Randall 1.jpgJoe Randall 2.jpgKaelly Beaver 1.jpgKaelly Beaver 2.jpgKayson Roof 1.jpgKayson Roof 2.jpgKayson Roof 3.jpgNational Winner.jpgPart Time.jpgPlate Protection.jpgSparkling.jpgSplashing Around.jpgStrong Effort.jpgStudents of the Month.jpgWinner and Still Champion.jpg

Saturday, May 9, 2015 Edition

Butterfield Action.jpgInstant Family.jpgNew vs Old.jpgOn the Move.jpgPitching with Motivation.jpgReady for a Shot.jpgRecognizing the Police.jpgStill on the Run.jpg

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Edition

Banner Day.jpgBreaking Ground.jpgClearing a Hurdle.jpgDecision Time.jpgFamily Act.jpgFast Finish 1.jpgFast Finish 2.jpgFighting to Finish.jpgGoing for a Spin 1.jpgGoing for a Spin 2.jpgMaking It Official.jpgMoving On.jpgNational Award.jpgNew Rides.jpgOn the Outside.jpgPutting the Pieces Together.jpgReady for a Return.jpgReady for Next Step.jpgRenovations.jpgSchedcik Sheds Perrin.jpgSeasons End.jpgSliding In.jpgTwo of a Kind.jpg

Saturday, May 2, 2015 Edition

Best in Class.jpgBible Study.jpgBugging Out.jpgCowboys for Christ.jpgEarth Day.jpgFlying High.jpgGoing for a Walk Inside.jpgIn Right Spot.jpgMaking a Name.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRodeo Fun.jpgSo Close.jpgSwarming the Square 1.jpgSwarming the Square 2.jpgTake a Hike 1.jpgTake a Hike 2.jpgTough Play.jpgWinning Duo.jpgWinning Emotion.jpg

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Edition

Building Together.jpgClubbing Up.jpgDynamic Duo.jpgEasth Day.jpgFamily Bond.jpgGetting a Read.jpgGood Luck Golfers.jpgHeyday for Hayden.jpgHug of Hope.jpgLeaping on the Last Lap.jpgMan with a Plan.jpgMore to Come.jpgNice Finish.jpgOberle Receives Scholarship.jpgOne Step at a Time.jpgRegiona Champs.jpgSuper Cooper.jpgSwing Away.jpgTagged.jpgThe Ballpark is Arlingtons.jpgTough Putting.jpgWalthers Awarded Scholarship.jpgWorking Together.jpg_JDS1005.JPG

Saturday, April 25, 2015 Edition

Brothers in Arms.jpgClearing a Hurdle.jpgElite Eight.jpgFlying Down Track.jpgGood Exchange.jpgGot It.jpgHolding On.jpgMighty Heave.jpgMoving On.jpgMowing Them Down.jpgPulling Away.jpgPushing Forward.jpgReady to Tee Off.jpgShattered Dreams 1.jpgShattered Dreams 2.jpgSpeaking Engagement.jpgTaking His Cuts.jpgTop Golf.jpgUp Over.jpg