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Saturday, October 3, 2015 Edition

Automotive Recognition.jpgBlocking the Way.jpgCaptain America.jpgEarning a Job.jpgFast Start.jpgHappy Hearts.jpgHooty and Friends.jpgReady to Run.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRising to Occassion.jpgSingleton Retires.jpgTeacher Power.jpgYoung Friends.jpg

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Edition

Celebrating Survivors.jpgCelestial Start.jpgCharging Forward.jpgClowning Artound.jpgDeserved Honors.jpgEyeing Next Challenge.jpgFirst Stop Paradise.jpgFrom Bond to Band.jpgFundraising Success.jpgLean on Me.jpgPinwheels for Peace 1.jpgPinwheels for Peace 2.jpgRainbow Run.jpgSibling Rivalry.jpgStudents of the Month.jpgSuper Teachers.jpgTrail of Tractors.jpgWaving the Red White and Blue.jpgWorthy Honor.jpg

Saturday, September 26, 2015 Edition

Back the Blue and Tan.jpgBoyd Homecoming.jpgBringing It In.jpgBull Pride.jpgCareful Watch.jpgClaiming the Spoils.jpgClose Call.jpgFloar Fun.jpgFull House.jpgGiving Back.jpgHappy Day.jpgIn a Crowd.jpgKing and Queen.jpgLittle Eagles.jpgLittle Yellowjackets.jpgMaking a Stop.jpgMcAlister.jpgMoving Day.jpgNowhere to Go.jpgParade Fairy.jpgPlunging Ahead.jpgPumped Up.jpgRoast the Eagles.jpgRunning Away.jpgShow of Support.jpgSpirit in All Sizes.jpgSweet Victory.jpgTaking a Shot.jpgTaking Off.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgWrapped Up.jpg

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Edition

Battle of Big Sandy.jpgBig Green Tractor.jpgCharging Ahead.jpgChristmas in September.jpgChugging Along.jpgCute Cars.jpgDragon Pride.jpgFriendly Family Rivals.jpgHomecoming Court.jpgHowdy Yall.jpgIn High Spirits.jpgParadise Homecoming Court.jpg

Saturday, September 19, 2015 Edition

All in the Family.jpgAnything and Everything.jpgBridgeport Royalty.jpgDigging Another Match.jpgDigging Up Dinner.jpgDirty Job.jpgDrinking Problem.jpgGoing Nowhere 1.jpgGoing Nowhere 2.jpgHealth Harvest.jpgLeaving a Legacy.jpgLittle Helper.jpgLooking for Help.jpgMoving On.jpgNew Officers.jpgNew Old Finds.jpgNo Stopping.jpgPower of Three.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgSitting in the Sun.jpgSliping and Sliding.jpgSurrounded.jpgTrying to Get Away.jpgTrying to Hold On.jpg

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Edition

_JDU8622.JPG_JDU8599.JPGBulls on Parade.jpgBus Barn Boss.jpgHomecoming Court.jpgHomecoming on Halsell.jpgMaking It Official.jpgNearing the Finish.jpgOff to the Races.jpgQueen Nominees.jpgRising to Challenge.jpgRunning the Show.jpgShow of Support.jpgSuperheroes.jpg

Saturday, September 12, 2015 Edition

Cool Cars.jpgGod Bless America.jpgGoing to 3-0.jpgHappy Day.jpgHolding On.jpgLet it Go.jpgMarching to the Beat.jpgOn the Run 1.jpgOn the Run 2.jpgPlaymakers 1.jpgPlaymakers 2.jpgPledge.jpgPlowing Ahead.jpgPrayer Walk.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgRunning Away.jpgSong Leader.jpgSpiritual Trek.jpgWaving Flags.jpgYoung Patriots.jpg

Saturday, September 5, 2015 Edition

Backing the Blue 1.jpgBacking the Blue 2.jpgBig Collission.jpgBlazing a Trail.jpgBlocking the Way.jpgCatching Candy.jpgCharging Ahead.jpgEye on the Ball.jpgFootball Floats.jpgHanging Out.jpgHomecoming Win 1.jpgHomecoming Win 2.jpgHomecoming.jpgJumping to Make Play.jpgLooking for Room.jpgMaking the Tackle.jpgOff and Running.jpgPowerful Trio.jpgReaching Out.jpg_JDS0313.JPG

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 Edition

Above Average.jpgAll Out Effort.jpgBest of Show.jpgBoots and Saddles Support.jpgCrime Fighting Team.jpgDecatur Does its art.jpgDonation to WARM.jpgFighting Through Traffic.jpgFreedoms Defenders.jpgHelpful Volunteers.jpgHelping Out.jpgHomecoming Court.jpgPrincipal Welcome.jpgPushing Into End Zone.jpgRunning Free.jpgSafe Haven for Wild Animals.jpgScholarships Awarded.jpgSizzling Start.jpgStitch By Stitch.jpgSupport for Wise Efforts.jpgTaking Flight.jpgUnited Way.jpgYoung Artist.jpgYoung Scholarship.jpg

Saturday, August 29, 2015 Edition

A True Honor.jpgBack to Work.jpgBig Man Up Front.jpgBreaking Through.jpgCruising to Finish.jpgDeans Last Day.jpgDouble Grand Prize.jpgEmpty Desks.jpgFamily Fun 1.jpgFamily Fun 2.jpgHands Up.jpgHes My Brother.jpgMaking a Grab.jpgMaking Good Time.jpgNearing the End.jpgNo Wings Needed 1.jpgNo Wings Needed 2.jpgNowhere to run.jpgRaising the Flag.jpgRising to Challenge.jpgScampering for Yards.jpgSetting a Block.jpgStarting a New Year.jpgStill Going.jpgTaste of Wise 2.jpgTaste of Wise 3.jpgTrying to Get Free.jpgWinning Start.jpg