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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Edition

Another Honor.jpgBeing Bossy.jpgBig Smiles.jpgCaught Up in a Web.jpgCencter of the Action.jpgDestructive Force.jpgFiring Away.jpgFrom the Court to the Field.jpgJumping for Joy.jpgLeading the Rally.jpgLots of Fun.jpgMake Room.jpg_JDU2877.jpgNorthwest Honors Veteran.jpgOn the Attack.jpgSigning on the Line.jpg

Saturday, November 15, 2014 Edition

All Smiles.jpgAmazing Feet.jpgBreaking the Trail.jpgCelebration Time.jpgFighting for Victory.jpgFirst Day.jpgGiving Thanks.jpgHelping Hands.jpgHigh Honors.jpgIts Official.jpgJoining the Heard.jpgLeave Alone.jpg_JDU6002.JPGNet Advantage.jpg_JDS4415.JPGPatriot Games.jpgPucker Up.jpgReady to Play.jpgRolling Over Opponents.jpgRunning Ahead.jpg_JDU2855.jpgSkilled Hands.jpgTaking Office.jpg_JDU6351.JPGThey Know Their Stuff.jpg_JDU5093.JPGVolunteer Effort.jpgWorking Together.jpg

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Edition

All Hands on Deck.jpgArea Champs.jpgBringing Home Hardware.jpgCharging to Front.jpgDual Medals.jpgFight to Finish.jpgFinishing Strong.jpgGetting to the Stand.jpgI Pledge.jpgKeeping the Streak Going.jpg_JDU9619.JPGMaking a Charge.jpgMedal Man.jpgMemories of Service.jpgMoving Up.jpgOil Boom or Bust.jpgOn the Climb.jpgPink Out Donation.jpgPlaying Tall.jpgPresenting Facts.jpgPTO Power.jpgPumpkin Chunking.jpgRace to the Finish.jpgReaching the End.jpgSidekicks Give Mums.jpgSigns of Fall.jpgSpouses Serving.jpgSprinting to Finish.jpgTotally Spent.jpg

Saturday, November 8, 2014 Edition

Coming Up Short.jpgDragon Crossing.jpgEagles Dejected.jpgEmpty Chair.jpgFly Like an Eagle.jpgGetting By.jpgGoing Down.jpgHeaded to Round Rock.jpgHenry Plume.jpgHonoring Veterans.jpgIce Sculpture.jpgIf I Only Had a Mane.jpgPaying Tribute to Heroes.jpgRecord Setter.jpgRibbon Cutting.jpgTaking a Shot.jpg

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Edition

Charging to Finish.jpgChecking Numbers.jpgComing Through.jpgCrossing the Line.jpgExpanded Cancer Treatment Facility.jpgEyes on the Prize.jpgFast Start.jpgFighting Uphill.jpgGet Active.jpgGOP Victory.jpgHeaded Back.jpgHeaded to State.jpgHeading to Round Rock.jpgHis Biggest Fans.jpgJubilant Victory.jpgMoment with Mom.jpgMoving Forward.jpgNap Time Anytime.jpgNumbers Dont Lie.jpgStaunch Supporter.jpgStudents of the Month.jpgWinning Feeling.jpgWinning Together.jpg

Saturday, November 1, 2014 Edition

Big Stache Little Kid.jpgCheers and Moos.jpgClosing In on Finish.jpgCooking Up a Score.jpgCrashing Brains.jpgFeeding the Hungry.jpgFinishing Strong.jpgGetting a Grip.jpgGiving Chase.jpgJust Say No.jpgLeading the Way.jpgLittle Ladybug.jpg_JDU9530.JPGOutrunning the Coyotes.jpgPiling Up Wins.jpgTaking Gold.jpgTop Dog.jpgTrick or Treat.jpgYoung at Heart.jpg

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Edition

Balancing Act.jpgChampion.jpgClass Reunion.jpgDecatur Proud.jpgFlag Football Championship.jpgHalftime Festivities.jpgHeaded West.jpgHomecoming Queen.jpgIn Costume 2.jpgIn Costume.jpgIts Routine.jpgLeading the Way.jpgPlaying Big.jpgPositive Move.jpgPresidential Look.jpgPunpkin Pattern.jpgRegional Champs.jpgRight At Home.jpgSenior Dancers.jpgSideline Break.jpgState Ring.jpgStudying is the Same Everywhere.jpgTaking Aim.jpgThe Moves.jpgThe Queen.jpgWild Wig.jpgWork of Art.jpgYou Go First.jpg

Saturday, October 25, 2014 Edition

Anniversary Celebration.jpgBack in the Game.jpgCant Get Away.jpgContemplating College.jpgDiesel Powered Billboard.jpgFast Starts.jpgFight for Spot.jpgHolding On.jpgHoly Cow.jpgLooking for a Block.jpgMaking a Stop.jpgMoving On.jpgOne Step at a Time.jpgRepeating Winning Form.jpgRocking a Victory.jpgSmiles Abound.jpgSomething to Celebrate.jpg

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Edition

Chasing the Win.jpgCruisin Days 1.jpgCruisin Days 2.jpgExcellent Bands 1.jpgExcellent Bands 2.jpgExcellent Bands 3.jpgFamily Signing.jpgFilling a Need.jpgGetting Back on Track.jpgGoing Up.jpgHeaded to the Finals.jpgHeading to Area.jpgHolding On.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMoving On.jpgProud to Vote.jpgPulling Away.jpgRide Em Cowboy.jpgRoyalty.jpgRunning Away.jpg_JDU2673.JPG_JDU1920.JPGSpacious Gym.jpgStrike Up the Bands 1.jpgStrike Up the Bands 2.jpgTop Citizen.jpg

Saturday, October 18, 2014 Edition

Basic Transportation.jpgCatch the Fever.jpgFamily Time.jpgFighting Them Off.jpgGolden Voice.jpgIt All Started Here.jpgLaunching Consultation.jpgLeading the Way.jpgMeet and Greet 1.jpgMeet and Greet 2.jpgOut of Reach.jpgQuick Exit.jpgRaising Awareness.jpgRunning Room.jpgStepping Up.jpgWe Are Family.jpg