Saturday, August 25, 2018

BONO’S – Complainant reported a large fight at the location. Officer located two intoxicated people who came to jail.

1000 BLOCK OF SPRING VALLEY ROAD – A woman reported her adult son was highly intoxicated and causing a disturbance. The adult son was sent to bed.

600 BLOCK OF ROGERS ROAD – A man reported a disturbance at his home. The person causing the disturbance left and was later located at the Newark Food Mart. A consent search was conducted of his vehicle and marijuana was located. The man was arrested.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

COUNTY ROAD 1634 AT COUNTY ROAD 1635 – Parties were arguing over being evicted from the property. Parties agreed to separate for the night.

ALVORD EXPRESS – Complainant’s bicycle was taken while he was working.

U.S. 81/287 AT ROADSIDE PARK – A traffic stop was initiated for driving on improved shoulder. The driver gave consent to search the vehicle and contraband was located. The driver was arrested.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4856 – A man went to a home to retrieve his deceased brother’s property. The woman who owns the home told the man to leave the property, and he initially refused. The complainant was issued a criminal trespass warning from the property and instructed to contact an attorney to get the property back.

300 BLOCK OF SOUTH BUFFALO – Third party heard the neighbors arguing. Upon arrival, it was a verbal argument between two people regarding bringing people into the residence that the other person did not want there.

OLD DECATUR ROAD – A dirt bike with a partially altered VIN was found abandoned and impounded.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

200 BLOCK OF TOWER DRIVE – After a 911 hangup, the woman stated there was no emergency and she did not need police. Upon arrival by officers, the complainant advised she and her husband were involved in a verbal argument. Both parties were intoxicated and advised they would be sleeping in different rooms.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4851 – Complainant advised his landlord shoved all of his personal items out of the garage next to the residence he’s renting. Complainant just wished to have the incident documented.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4773 – A man advised he was selling a motorcycle to a friend and the friend was supposed to make monthly payments to the complainant. The complainant advised the friend hasn’t made a payment and he wished to report it stolen. He was advised the incident was civil and would need to file it with the civil court.

3200 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 2048 – Complainant stated his brother had a warrant out for his arrest and believed he is involved in illegal narcotic activity. The person was taken into custody for his warrant.

COUNTY ROAD 3519 AT COUNTY ROAD 3427 – Several men were located sitting in a car on the county road. One of the men had a warrant and was placed in custody upon confirmation.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1550 – A woman found a shoe in her yard with what she believes to be a threat written on it. Complainant believed it to be retaliation from the people she recently evicted from her rental property. The shoe was placed into evidence.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4421 – A verbal disturbance took place between mother and daughter.

600 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4925 – Complainant reported he located his trailer that was stolen earlier in the day. After investigation, it was found that both parties had proof of ownership. The trailer was seized and impounded. Both parties were referred to civil court.

Monday, August 20, 2018

WISE ROAD – A woman advised her husband was intoxicated and began a verbal argument. She said the husband hit her vehicle with his fists, so she busted the headlight of his truck out with an aluminum baseball bat. Parties were separated for the night.

NEWARK FOOD MART – An argument occurred between a man and woman while riding in a car. The argument started in College Station. They stopped for gas in Newark. When she got out of the car, he refused to let her back in and left the store. When the car got onto the street, she tried to get in while it was moving. She went to Wise Health System with minor injuries.

100 BLOCK OF VALLEY MEADOW – A verbal disturbance took place between mother and adult daughter over the daughter pouring out the mother’s pint of vodka.

200 BLOCK OF HARRIS LANE – Complainant reported his neighbor has been harassing him due to a civil dispute over the property line.

700 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3696 – A man stated he was assaulted by someone he knew after making threats and vulgar statements toward the other person’s mother.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

100 BLOCK OF ROCK SALT DRIVE – Complainant advised her husband was upset about something.

200 BLOCK OF SOUTH O’NEIL STREET – A woman said she came to the residence to pick up a friend. The resident at the address wanted the complainant issued a criminal trespass warning. The complainant was issued a criminal trespass warning.

900 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3341 – A man reported three saddles and four sim cards from game cameras stolen. He also reported multiple suspicious things happening on his property.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4877 – The complainant’s dog left its yard and bit a man riding his bicycle on the street. The man threatened to hurt the dog.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 1512 – A man called stating his girlfriend assaulted him for the third time this year. The woman was gone upon officer’s arrival.

200 BLOCK OF NORTH MAIN STREET – A woman advised her deceased husband’s great-niece has been making threats toward family members because she feels left out. Complainant wished for her residence to be put on extra patrol and also requested law enforcement presence at the funeral and graveside.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

400 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3355 – A man attempted to use checks from a closed business account to purchase items. The man used his own driver’s license.

200 BLOCK OF NORTH CHICO STREET – A woman advised she was no longer tolerating being threatened and disrespected by the “Mexican” she and her husband had been helping out. The complainant wanted the Hispanic man off the property her boss owns, and the complainant was advised the legal way of handling that.

100 BLOCK OF MARSHAL ROAD – Complainant advised he could hear two men screaming at each other over money and one threatened the other with a knife. Further investigation revealed there was a verbal disturbance but no threat of a knife. The men were arguing over $10 for lunch money.

Friday, August 17, 2018

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 2694 – A man stated he and a neighbor were arguing in the yard when the neighbor called 911. Parties were warned to stay off one another’s property.

400 BLOCK OF PIGEON – A woman stated she was receiving vulgar texts from an unknown number. She believed the texts were sent from her husband’s phone.

400 BLOCK OF BIG SALTY ROAD – Complainant reported a verbal disturbance between a father and a son. Upon arrival, deputy found out there was a physical altercation between the son and his brother-in-law. The son was arrested.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3486 – A man reported his son threatened to beat him up.

1200 BLOCK OF CUBA ROAD – A woman reported someone she knows assaulted her.

HONEY HOLLOW RANCH – Complainant reported a known person was intoxicated causing a disturbance. Complainant stated there was a physical altercation earlier in the evening but did not want to pursue charges.

400 BLOCK OF COUNTRY LIVING DRIVE – Complainant advised the neighbors were yelling and screaming at each other. Deputies met with the residents who advised they were in a disagreement over an issue.

1300 BLOCK OF HLAVEK – Someone damaged a John Deere lawn mower and a trampoline.

200 BLOCK OF MEADOW POND COURT – A woman reported she and her husband got into an argument, and she got scared of him.

400 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3051 – A man stated he wanted someone removed from his property after the person took a rodeo horse without his permission. The other person returned the horse and was issued a criminal trespass warning.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

BONO’S – A woman was found unable to stand. She was taken to Wise Health System where it was determined she had been involved in a disturbance with a man. The man was located in Decatur and taken to jail for public intoxication.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 2218 – Over the course of a night, a man and woman got into an argument over the phone. Words were exchanged between the man and the woman’s brother. They both talked about meeting at the woman’s home to fight. The two met and fought. Complainant went to Wise Health System for treatment.

400 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4790 – A woman stated someone opened three cell phone accounts in her name without her consent.

400 BLOCK OF SANDY BASS – Complainant reported her son assaulted her. The son was arrested for assault.