Sunday, April 7, 2019

U.S. 81/287 AT BONO’S – A vehicle was stopped for speeding. During the interview of the driver, he attempted to hide narcotics inside the deputy’s patrol car. Subsequently the driver was arrested.

1300 BLOCK OF EAST BYPASS 287 – Store manager caught two women stealing items before they left in a vehicle. Deputy found the vehicle at a house in Alvord and confronted one of the women, who admitted to stealing certain items from the store. She was found to have a Class A theft warrant from Decatur Police Department, but before the deputy informed her of the warrant, the deputy followed her back to the store to return the items and apologize to the manager. The deputy then took her to jail for the warrant. Deputy identified the other woman and spoke to her on the phone. The woman agreed to meet the deputy at the store and pay for/return the items she stole. She never arrived and will be filed on at large for Class C theft.

SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Complainant reported being assaulted by her husband for the past two years. She advised she was severely beaten about six months ago but did not receive medical treatment until today. Complainant advised she has a fractured nose and brain bruising.

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