Saturday, Nov. 14

100 block of Illinois St. – The property owner of Kusins Liquor Store in Rhome had a vehicle towed that was left in the parking lot. The car owner returned later and said he was going to destroy the store. The store was placed under extra patrol.

100 block of CR 4191 – An unknown suspect entered a gas well site and stole $17,000 worth of field equipment belonging to Impact Energy Services.

300 block of CR 4679 – Unknown suspects stole a 7500 watt generator and a 25 gallon air compressor.

300 block of Hount St. – The complainant found the back windshield of his car shattered. A 7-year-old neighbor admitted to the crime.

600 block of CR  3791 – An unknown driver ran down six mailboxes and 96-feet of fence in the area.

8400 block of U.S. 287 N – A woman was attacked by her mother-in-law at the Golden Express Truck Stop in Alvord. The victim suffered scratches to the face. The mother-in-law fled the scene before deputies could arrive.

100 block of W. Kentucky St. – A man called the sheriff’s department after his 5-year-old son saw a neighbor throw a dead dog across the yard. It turned out an 18-year-old woman was scooping up a dead possum with a shovel. The carcass touched her and “grossed her out and she flung it.” By the time a deputy arrived, she had already given the possum “a proper burial.”

100 block of CR 4875 – A man reported that his wife had assaulted him. The responding deputy found three small scratches on the victim’s left shoulder. Both parties were intoxicated. No charges were filed.

1200 block of CR 2625 – A man reported that he was being assaulted by his wife. A deputy found that the parties had assaulted each other and had been consuming alcohol. No charges were filed.

100 block of CR 4849 – A man was arrested for assaulting his wife. He was charged with misdemeanor assault and transported to Wise County Jail.

100 block of PR 3560 – A man filed charges against his wife for assault.

100 block of PR 4768 – While standing on her front porch a woman observed a man wearing a baseball cap walking down her street. She then saw him hide behind a tree. She went inside and grabbed a shotgun. The deputy was unable to locate him.

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