Tuesday, April 5

Black Creek Lake – A man said he was going to live at the lake for a couple of weeks. He was arrested for outstanding warrants.

200 block of Alvord Street – Carpet was stolen from an apartment.

300 block of Private Road 4906 – A man was calling and harassing his ex-girlfriend while he was in jail.

4600 block of County Road 4227 – A window air conditioning unit was stolen from a home.

300 block of County Road 4838 – A rock truck was covering someone’s property with dust.

200 block of Private Road 3425 – A man was being harassed by his ex-wife’s husband.

1200 block of County Road 1797 – Firewood and welding leads were stolen from a home.

100 block of Private Road 2375 – Several people were fighting.

100 block of County Road 4857 – More than 200 tires were dumped on a neighboring property.

100 block of Pond View – A man got into an altercation with a 17-year-old boy after the boy touched his daughter.

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