Tuesday, March 30

300 block of Newfield Lane – A woman rammed her vehicle into three of her father-in-law’s vehicles.

100 block of Private Road 3666 - A woman reported that her 12-year-old son was being disrespectful.

200 block of Cedar Drive - A husband and wife got into an argument over bills.

200 block of County Road 4847 - A man accused his wife of stealing the titles to his cars.

200 block of County Road 4599 – A man saw a truck turn around in his driveway. It caused his dogs to bark.

100 block of Deer Trail - A man reported that his neighbor shot his dog.

1300 block of County Road 3657 - A 15-year-old girl was “acting out” because her mother didn’t get her the school supplies she needed.

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