Monday, August 13, 2018

CHICO CITY HALL GYM – Complainant advised the door to the gym had been forcefully opened and a security camera monitor had been stolen.

SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Complainant found a Mossberg shotgun on Farm Road 1204 and wanted to turn it in.

2500 BLOCK OF EAST TEXAS 114 – A woman advised she was awakened by loud popping noises. After further investigation, it was discovered the complainant’s vehicle was shot approximately 10 times, and one round went through the residence. Complainant believes her stepson is to blame.

300 BLOCK OF BUSEY BOULEVARD – A man advised his friend was attempting to break into his parents’ locked trailer to retrieve a motorcycle. It was later determined that the suspect owns the motorcycle but caused damage to the trailer while attempting to gain entry.

SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Complainant advised one of his nail guns is missing, and he believes one of his son’s friends took it.

SHERIFF’S OFFICE – A deputy was given a set of keys found in the sheriff’s office parking lot near the main lobby doors.

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