Saturday, May 12, 2018

12400 BLOCK OF PINESTRAW ROAD – A man advised his mother applied for credit cards in his name. Both cards were maxed out.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1635 – A car’s tire was slashed.

500 BLOCK OF DECATUR STREET – A woman stated her husband stole her phone from her while she was in the bathtub. Then they got into a verbal argument in the front yard. The complainant stated her husband grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the house. She denied charges.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4849 – Over the past two weeks, the complainant has come home to her door being open after she locked it. Nothing appears to be missing or messed with.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4596 – A woman and her ex-boyfriend were arguing over both parties still living in the same residence. Both parties agreed to remain separated for the night.

100 BLOCK OF CALHOUN COURT – A third party caller saw a man banging on his neighbor’s windows and doors. Deputy made contact with all subjects, and they agreed to remain separated.

2800 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 920 – A man advised someone pointed a firearm at him while he was on his property burning. After further investigation, it was discovered the person was antagonizing his ex-wife, and no weapon was pointed at him. Both parties were advised to leave each other alone and separate for the evening.

300 BLOCK OF NORTH BUFFALO – A window was broken with a small rock.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4877 – Complainant said a red Van’s backpack, a vape battery charger and a vape mod were stolen out of his 1989 red Chevy pickup.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4877 – A woman said someone entered her locked vehicle and removed several items including keys and a computer belonging to Northwest ISD.

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