Thursday, March 8, 2018

100 BLOCK OF DEBORAH DRIVE – The complainant reported hearing yelling and items being thrown inside the neighboring residence. During a probable cause search of the residence, multiple narcotic pipes were located. The woman involved in the disturbance was taken into custody. The man was transported by EMS.

200 BLOCK OF RIDGE TRAIL – A woman advised her service dog was shot by her neighbor, possibly with a pellet gun.

100 BLOCK OF BUFFALO RIDGE DRIVE – The complainant stated her phone was being hacked and her identity had been stolen. The complainant stated it could have been her husband, and she appeared to be in danger. Upon further investigation by the deputy, the complainant admitted to narcotic use with several people in the residence in front of children.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3336 – A man stated his boots and spurs were stolen off his front porch. He wanted to prosecute.

800 BLOCK OF CENTRAL AVENUE – Complainant reported finding a small child near the railroad tracks. Parents were on the scene when the deputy arrived. The child was released to the parents. CPS was contacted.

1300 BLOCK OF WEST TEXAS 114 – Complainant stated an individual was taking gravel off the railroad. Upon arrival, the suspect was located. After speaking to a special investigator with Union Pacific, the suspect was issued a citation for theft and told to unload the gravel he had in the back of his truck.

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