Friday, Dec. 17

2000 block of Illinois Street – An unidentified man stole beer from a store.

Intersection of Farm Roads 1810 and 1655 – A man wrecked his vehicle into a creek and was subsequently arrested for a DWI.

200 block of W. Aurora Vista – A woman believes neighbors are out to get her and her dog.

500 block of County Road 4681 – Four people were arrested for underage drinking at a party.

Intersection of Farm Road 455 and County Road 2937 – Copper wire was stolen from a gas well site.

200 block of Private Road 4435 – An 11-year-old was playing with fire.

300 block of County Road 3799 – A woman was threatening to beat up everyone at a house she was at. Deputies arrived at the scene. The woman was tazed and arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

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