Monday, February 16, 2015

SHERIFF’S OFFICE – A man reported he misplaced his medication.

SHERIFF’S OFFICE – A woman reported an unknown person filed a tax return under her information.

1900 BLOCK OF TEXAS 114 – A landlord reported his tenants ran into his building with a vehicle last summer.

300 BLOCK OF KINCANNON – A woman wanted to file a report regarding someone throwing a dead rabbit on her porch.

100 BLOCK OF HALLMARK – A woman said she was being harassed by her mother. The complainant came to jail for warrants.

700 BLOCK OF WEST FRANKLIN – A person is being harassed on Facebook.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4665 – A father said his daughter was living in a trailer.

2400 BLOCK OF EAST TEXAS 114 – The daughter from the previous call said her father showed up at the trailer.

TOP SMART – A 17-year-old male got out of his mother’s car. The juvenile came to jail for disorderly conduct (language).

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