Tuesday, Oct. 12

135 County Road 4847 – A person reported that the pole in their yard that they tie the dog to was stolen.

4638 Farm Road 2264 – A man said his uncle ripped the wires out of his mother’s car and was stalking his girlfriend.

211 W. Franklin Street – A man said someone was trying to drill into the side of his house.

1987 N. U.S. Highway 287 – A man reported that his wife’s wedding ring was stolen about six months ago.

108 W. Kentucky – A man said a person from a previous fight was now walking by and cursing at him.

518 Wise Street – A woman was concerned because some family members were slandering her name on Facebook. She wanted to know what to do.

106 Private Road 1308 – A woman said she is receiving text messages of a sexual nature.

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