Friday, Sept. 24

Highland Hills – Constable Tom Bishop and several sheriff’s deputies tracked down juveniles at a residence after he noticed the suspects smashing mailboxes. An owner of a damaged mailbox chose to press charges.

300 block of E. Sherman – A vehicle was burglarized at Chico Mart. A wallet was reported stolen.

700 block of County Road 1180 – A woman accused her husband of talking to another woman on the Internet. He said he wanted to file for divorce, and they got into an argument. The couple agreed to separate for the night.

200 block of Oakwood – A woman reported a lot of yelling at a neighbor’s house. A female was freaking out after smoking some K2. She was taken to North Texas Community Hospital.

200 block of Wild Horse Road – A resident received a phone call from someone demanding bank account information. The resident hung up on them.

Corner of Pettit and Central – Deputies arrested a minor for possession of tobacco.

Intersection of U.S. 380 and Acorn Drive – A man was arguing with his girlfriend while standing in the middle of the highway. He was arrested for public intoxication and outstanding warrants.

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