Monday, Sept. 20

300 block of CR 4790 – A “soon to be ex-wife” reportedly broke into a residence and took her jewelry box and clothing. The suspect left a note reading, “if you leave me keys I wouldn’t have to break in to get my stuff.”

200 block of CR 4859 – A man accused his wife of cheating and threw her clothing into the yard. The couple was separated for the evening.

200 block of Texas 114 – A woman going through a divorce received a threatening text message from her husband. It read, “You will get yours.”

1500 block of Hickory Street – A man reported that his daughter threatened to harm him and his son.

100 block of CR 3743 – A woman was driving down the road when she noticed her son was having phone sex with a female via text messages. After being caught by his mom, the boy jumped out of the vehicle and ran away.

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