Friday, Feb. 12

ALVORD BUILDING SUPPLY – Complainant reported that someone broke into his supply yard and stole two rolls of barbed wire.

100 BLOCK OF JAY KELLY LANE – A man reported that his neighbor came onto his property and accused him of theft. The neighbor threatened the man with a shotgun and returned to his home.

1200 BLOCK OF WEST TEXAS 114 – A man reported that someone took his 2005 Dodge truck. The truck was later found at a Devon oilfield gate on County Road 1308, intact and keys in the seat.

200 BLOCK OF HUNTER TRAIL – A  man said his mailbox and six others on his street had been damaged.

100 BLOCK OF NORTH WOODS COURT – A woman reported that her neighbor destroyed her snowman.

BOYD APARTMENTS – A woman reported that her 13-year-old son was screaming and breaking things.

100 BLOCK OF NORTH WOODS COURT – A woman complained that her neighbor was photographing her property.

700 BLOCK OF DECATUR STREET – Complainant was the victim of an e-mail scam and received a check in the mail. Complainant cashed the check not knowing it was a fraudulent check.

100 BLOCK OR RED BARON COURT – A juvenile was mad at his mother for taking his phone away and did not want to follow his parents’ rules. The juvenile was spoken to about the state’s laws regarding parents disciplining their children.

300 BLOCK OF OAKWOOD – A woman wanted guidance on how to deal with her ex-husband’s current wife calling her from Indiana.

NEWARK – Victim was shot during illegal narcotic activity. Injuries were  not life threatening.

100 BLOCK OF CEDAR DRIVE – A man was upset because he said his neighbor threw rocks and mud onto his vehicle while trying to become unstuck. Both parties agreed to handle the matter.

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