Wednesday, February 6, 2013

500 BLOCK OF CR 3051 – A man said he arranged a time to pick up a recreational vehicle. During the transaction, the man said the other man pointed a gun at him due to a disagreement, and even fired a round at him.

500 BLOCK OF CR 1793 – A man considered a text from his ex-wife about child support to be harassment.

600 BLOCK OF HUNTER TRAIL – A man shoved his mom to the ground, threw a bag at her and then kicked her. He was arrested for assault.

200 BLOCK OF N. MOUNT – A complainant filed a harassment report because someone made a false statement about them on Facebook.

LAKE ROAD RV PARK – A woman was arrested at the RV park for public intoxication.

1600 BLOCK OF CHICO HIGHWAY – A man who was “Dumpster-diving” at the CashSaver Cost Plus Food Outlet harassed some electricians and refused to leave the premises. The man left after talking to officers. He returned later and was issued a criminal trespass warning. He was later spotted loitering in a truck stop parking lot and on another nearby property, wearing only shorts.

1400 BLOCK OF IRVIN – Officers responded to a possible physical in progress call and found two men having a dispute. One was arrested for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.

1700 BLOCK OF LANICE – A woman discovered that one of her dogs was injured. She thought it had been attacked by two possums. She later found out that someone had shot her dog.

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