Friday, Jan. 29

100 block of Lange Way – Deputy investigated report of a man providing alcohol to his neighbor’s juvenile son. It turned out to be a misunderstanding.

19000 block of North County Line Road – A brother broke into his sister’s home while she was there. She yelled at him and he left.

200 block of Marshall Road – A domestic disturbance occurred between a man and a woman.

200 block of Lexington Circle – A homeowner reported that someone had tampered with her mailbox

100 block of CR 4659 – A domestic disturbance occurred between a man and a woman. The man was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Intersection of  US 287 and PR 4726 – A woman and her husband began arguing while traveling to the Fort Worth Stock Show. The husband allegedly refused to let his wife out of the truck.

500 block of Hunter Trail – A man wanted to press charges against a female from Nigeria. He sent the woman $2,900 via Western Union so she could fly into the Bridgeport airport to marry him. She never arrived.

100 block of PR 4619 – Man received harassing phone calls from inmates in Harris County Jail.

1500 block of CR 4764 – A woman received harassing phone call from Harris County Jail inmates.

Intersection of Texas 114 and CR 4593 – A passing motorist reported a disturbance between a male and female on the side of the road. A deputy discovered a mother was disciplining her 12-year-old son after she learned he was looking at porn on his iPhone during church service.

100 block of PR 3682 – A man called to report that a former friend was “going crazy” because he did not approve of the way he edited a book written by the former friend.

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