Wednesday, December 12

500 BLOCK OF CR 4213 – A man threw a fit because his girlfriend broke up with him.

800 BLOCK OF CR 3592 – Deputies broke up an underage alcohol party west of Boyd. At least one party participant attempted to flee on foot but was soon captured and arrested for outstanding warrants. Several others were issued citations for minor in consumption. Deputies also investigated an assault of an 18-year-old man that happened at the party.

100 BLOCK OF CEDAR DRIVE – Two men got into a fight over a photograph. The men were separated for the evening.

700 BLOCK OF PORT-O-CALL – A 12-year-old boy had stopped taking his medication and was reportedly “out of control.”

1400 BLOCK OF TEXAS 101 – A man complained of receiving harassing text messages from an ex-girlfriend.

200 BLOCK OF CR 4859 – A man caused a disturbance after his daughter allowed her boyfriend in the home.

4000 BLOCK OF FM 51 SOUTH – Christmas ornaments were stolen from a front yard.

600 BLOCK OF LANAI CIRCLE – A man’s ex-girlfriend wrote some messages on his car with shoe polish.

800 BLOCK OF CR 4668 – A man reported that some clothes and a tool set were missing after he’d invited some friends over.

400 BLOCK OF CR 4765 – Jewelry and silverware came up missing after a home in Briar was burglarized.

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