Saturday, September 22

1200 BLOCK OF CR 3850 – A carload of people were arrested for criminal trespassing after they’d already been chased off the property before.

400 BLOCK OF CR 1785 – A pair of guns were burglarized from a home near Sunset.

1000 BLOCK OF SPRING VALLEY – Parents complained that their daughter was making a racket.

1100 BLOCK OF CR 3470 – A man reported that a woman he didn’t know started following him in her car. She continued to follow him all the way home and started yelling at him for no particular reason.

2000 BLOCK OF CR 2896 – A lawn mower was stolen from a home just north of Alvord.

100 BLOCK OF CR 3550 – A couple got into an argument over alcohol.

200 BLOCK OF CR 3791 – Another couple got into an argument over alcohol.

1900 BLOCK OF U.S. 380 EAST – A man showed up at the emergency room of Wise Regional Health System in Decatur. He said someone struck him over the head with a beer bottle while dancing at Ruben’s Ballroom outside of town.

100 BLOCK OF DROVER RIDGE – A man threatened a woman with a knife. He fled the scene on foot, but deputies eventually located and arrested the suspect.

1100 BLOCK OF CR 3690 – A woman reported that neighbors were dove hunting, and pellets were showering her property.

400 BLOCK OF CR 4380 – A boy called 911 to report that his stepfather was beating up his mom. The suspect was found and arrested.

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