Saturday, Jan. 16

100 block of Timber Ridge Circle – A 12-gauge shotgun was stolen from a garage.

200 block of N. Trappier St. – A man was throwing rocks at the windows of a vacant home.

100 block of E. Pine St. – A man reported his pickup was taken from his home without permission. It was found at First Baptist Church.

100 block of CR 1260 – A man told a woman that if she was at a residence when he arrived, there would be “Hell to pay!”

200 block of Hilltop Trail – A woman reported that her ex-husband came to her home and poured antifreeze on her vehicle.

Windmill Trails – A man was walking around and waving his arms in the air. He was arrested for public intoxication.

300 block of N. Buffalo St. – A woman was receiving unwanted text messages from her ex-husband.

100 block of CR 4876 – Two males in a vehicle blasted a shotgun at a residence.

200 block of Main St. – Someone burglarized Total Domination Gym. They stole the stereo system.

300 block of Fossil Ridge Road – Man reported that oilfield trucks were driving recklessly.

500 block of CR 2896 – A woman believes people are prowling around her residence every night.

2000 block of CR 3791 – A man was arrested for stealing scrap metal from private property.

100 block of CR 4471 – A woman grabbed her mother by the hair and punched her in the back of the head because she wanted to take her grandchildren to town. The assailant was arrested.

800 block of CR 1860 – A man reported that his pickup was stolen. It turned out his son took it out the night before and crashed it into a road sign a couple of miles from home.

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