Tuesday, Jan. 12

200 block of CR 1651 – A man said he came home after partying with some “friends.” Once they got to his house, they beat him up and stole his Xbox video game console.

100 block of  CR 4852 – A man was seen choking a woman. The suspect was later found hanging out at Grandy’s in Rhome where he was arrested for outstanding warrants.

100 block of CR 4857 – A woman advised that her son is regularly jumped walking home from the bus stop by a gang of children, ranging in age from nine to 12.

200 block of CR 4852 – A 15-year-old girl punched a hole in the wall after her mother took away her Wii video game console for not cleaning the kitchen. The deputy advised her “to find other ways to relieve stress.”

1200 block of Central Avenue – An unknown suspect continually sneaks into a home being remodeled and sleeps in the closet.

700 block of PR 4732 – A man reported that he was arrested in Keller last week. He said the officers stole the “secret code off his cell phone.” He also accused them of “farting” in his face as he sat in the back of the patrol car.

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