Monday, Dec. 21

100 block of CR 4863 – A man was assaulted by his uncle.

300 block of PR 4437 – Two girls were harassing each other via text messages calls.

100 block of PR 2201 – Several winches were stolen from a work site.

1600 block of Salt Creek Road – A man returned home from work in the middle of the afternoon and discovered someone had broken out a front window of his house. A pistol and a television had been stolen.

300 block of CR 4925 – A woman advised her cat was missing. She found it shot dead in the middle of the street. The large cat had “tall pointed ears, a bobbed tail and was striped.”

2000 block of Illinois Lane – A man entered a gas station and started kicking items over and “tearing up the store.” He was placed in leg shackles and transported to Wise Regional.

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