Thursday, June 21

100 BLOCK OF HIGHLAND HILLS – A man’s dog was brutally killed by an unknown suspect or suspects in a housing division north of U.S. 380 near the Denton County line.

200 BLOCK OF CR 3341 – A former employee stole a company gas card and has used it multiple times.

1900 BLOCK OF FM 2123 – Fence panels were stolen from property south of Bridgeport.

200 BLOCK OF CR 1641 – A woman hired as a caregiver to an elderly woman allegedly stole money from her bank account.

4100 BLOCK OF U.S. 81/287 NORTH – A woman complained that her mother was violating a protective order.

100 BLOCK OF CLOVER DRIVE – A man, concerned about the young woman babysitting his two kids, called the Sheriff’s Office to conduct a welfare check at the house.

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